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  1. 07 Ford Focus 1.8 Starting Problem

    Someone has told me that on my Model it is a Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor and not a ECT ? I haven't got a Manual...must get one !
  2. 07 Ford Focus 1.8 Starting Problem

    Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor.
  3. 07 Ford Focus 1.8 Starting Problem

    I have been doing a bit of research and so far it is pointing to the ECT Sensor that are a common fault on the 07 1.8 Sport...anyone tell me where it is ? No engine warning lights are on which apparently sometimes don't show if it is the this sensor
  4. 07 Ford Focus 1.8 Starting Problem

    When I say heat sensor I mean the one that tells the choke to come on or not
  5. Hi I have a 07 1.8 petrol Ford Focus Sport (keyless entry system) and I am having some problems, it has begun to have problems when starting the Engine, sometimes it starts ok and then I can get in it again and it does not want to start and can take 6 goes to get it going, I have also noticed that sometimes when I do start the Engine it seems low until I give it a few revs. I took it to my local Garage who ran a diagnostic on it but nothing showed, he rang Fords who said there have been a few problems with the1.8 EWngine and it could be a few things such as the Heat sensor and have advised that I take into Ford. Has anyone else come across this or got any pointers that may help ? Thanks.
  6. I fitted a new Coil Pack and all now seems well, no dash lights and Car running smooth so cheers Guys...saved me a packet.
  7. Thanks so much Guys for getting back...it just seems like eveything is going a bit nuts on the Car now...so here is an update : Stll juddering away/lack of power and clicking on acceleration Door open sign is back to it's old tricks(and when this happens there is a loud clicking behind the glove box) Electric Mirrors have stopped working Rear wiper stopped but has decided to work again Screen heaters go off when the door open sign comes on Doors have randomly locked whilst driving a couple of times Fan only works on 4 despite changing the resistor pack witha new Ford one only for it to blow again.. seems to be using more petrol than usual Engine light has stayed on since it came on I have not been able to take to a garage as it has happened right on xmas and with 3 kids I just don't have the cash tbh so was hoping to have a go myself if at all poss I have been advised to get an F super and someone else said and OBD 2 meter (which one is it ?) to connect to my laptop Leads seem ok so will dissconnect the battery and then replace the coil pack if you agree that wou;d be the best order to try things ? Once again thanks
  8. Seems to be getting worse, drove about 8 miles today and it Juddered all the way there and back and the engine light has come on (and stays on) but interestingly the Door open sign has gone, there is also a very faint cliccking soun when accelerating (which is when the juddering is worse) hope someone can help ?
  9. Hi there, I have a Focus 1.6 Ghia (51 plate 80,000) and after having 3 trouble free years it is now developing some problems : Air Bag warning light comes on and goes off every few seconds, now the Door open warning Light does the same (also when the door open warning comes on my screen heaters will go off Heater Fan only works on number 4, I replaced the resistor pack a few months back( new from fords) but it blew again a week later) the Car now Judders under accelerlation particularly through 2nd and third and noticed that it does it when the Door open sign comes on. It has just recently passed the Mot with only a new Wishbone needed and had a new Air Filter Fitted . Obviously I am worried about the expense as it is right before xmas ! Thanks for any help offered.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Scouseford :)

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      Thanks, hope someone can answer my question as Car is getting worse !