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  1. Ford Focus Rear Wiper

    Sorry for being offline so long. The Focus before 03.2005 has that extra relay in the boot and only is has that kind of problem. The newer version 04.2005- did not have it. I have both cars :) I can't make a picture so show you exactly where is located so I will try to use someone's on the web. Hope he doesn't mind. Mine was taped so look carefully. Good luck!
  2. Ford Focus Rear Wiper

    Hi, I have solved the problem! The relay was damaged. It is located in the trunk on the left side. I am so happy about solving it ! Good luck
  3. Ford Focus Rear Wiper

    Yes, but the relay is integrated... I removed all the relays from the fuse box and the wiper is still working and the relay is clicking from the inside...
  4. Ford Focus Rear Wiper

    Hi, I am new in this forum and I have the exact same problem. I have ford focus mk2 year 2005. This is my second car. I used to have the same focus but 2007. But I crashed it and now I am selling it ofr parts. About the problem. I have replaced the motor with the motor from my old car that is 100% working and the result is negative. The wiper stops wherever it wants to. I checked the cables in the rubber housing between the trunk and the car but everything seems to look good. The only thing that left is the build in "indestructible" relay. I someone has any suggestions please tell me I will try to fix it. I am sorry for my bad English.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums teo_st :)