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  1. My Fiesta Winter Problems

    Ahhhhh ok ill have a lookie at sensor :) Thanks for help. Its put my mind at ease thats its not a major problem
  2. My Fiesta Winter Problems

    When the thermostat was replaced the anti freeze was too but i will check it in the morning .... thanks for advice :)
  3. My Fiesta Winter Problems

    Thanks for your replys guys :) It stalls a few seconds after i start it but tries to stall when pulling away but i just keep the revs up and after a few mins its fine I did think it could have been a thermostat problem so i replaced it but its still continuing :/ The coolant freezing?? how can i stop this happening??
  4. My Fiesta Winter Problems

    Hi all Im hoping someone can help me with my problem......I have a fiesta zetec s mk 5 2000.This is the second winter ive had him and yet again im having the same problem as last year. when the weather is cold like its been the last few days strange things happen that noone can explain. I start the car and instantly the temp gauge hits red and the car stalls i do this two or three times before the car eventually starts but once the car does start the temp gauge hits red then goes right back down to cold again goes up to middle back down to cold before eventually settling . when pulling away after this has happened theres lack of power for a min or two can anyone help me pleeeeease
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums katie gilbert :)