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  1. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    Hi just an update the leak was from the light screws its amazing how much water gets in from such small holes i have now sealed the holes with some sealant and have no water come in so hoping all is okay thanks to all the people who have commented.
  2. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    Thanks for the input,i do get a grinding noise when going round corner not sure if this has got something to do with the engine mount,there is diffidently a slit in the rubber top with some sort of fluid coming from it,do you know if i could get the engine mount from somewhere apart from ford dealership many thanks.
  3. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    Hi mate i don't think its leaking water,but some sort of oil,there seems to be a slit in the rubber and when you push down on it some sort of fluid comes out of it,i have phoned ford for the part but they want £150 for it will have to see if i can find a secondhand one.my leak inside the car is coming from the tailgate maybe where the lights are not sure yet still have to investigate.
  4. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    just found out the part is called a engine motor mounting and they seem to be a common problem on the focus mk2.
  5. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    I have know had the car wash no water came in to the car i have noticed my temperature gauge does not seem to go up much now just goes above 60 but there is hot air coming from the blower,does anyone know what the part is called in the picture it is under the coolant tank it has got a rubber top which has got a split in in and is leaking some sort of fluid from it any help would be very greatful thanks.
  6. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    i have topped up coolant and will take the car to a car wash and see what happens.
  7. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    Thanks will do and i will let you know the results.
  8. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    Is there any way of making sure its the heater matrix without doing a pressure test? ,as i still cant tell where the leak is coming from thanks
  9. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    Thanks is it a big job to change to change the heater matrix, i have read that all the dash needs to come off is this true?
  10. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    Hi thanks for the reply i have changed the the pollen filter and today have taken out the carpets from the car to get them dry and also to find out where the leak is coming from.
  11. Ford Focus Coolant Leak

    Hi all this is my first post so hope this is the right way to go about it,i have got a ford focus 2006 1.8 tdci i have noticed the passanger side of the carpet is socking wet not had chance to dry it yet also noticed the coolant level is below min,no warning light came on is is worring,i have notice between the coolant reservoir and the engine there is circular metal component with a metal bracket over it the coolant seems to be leaking out the top of it anyone have any idea what this could be? thanks.
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums bmw_789 :)