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  1. New Fiesta MudFlaps

    I'd be tempted not to fit them partly looks and the partly the crud that accumulates and sits there rotting. I'd just give the car a damn good wax (Auto Glym) so that it's easier to clean.
  2. Hot Magenta owners

    I wasn't a fan of the Hot Magenta but the wife loved it so we got it - i would have gone for black or taken a chance on a non-metallic white or red one. When it came it did look less hot, more lukewarm. Saying that in the snow last week and yesterday in the bright sun it really did stand out.
  3. Fuel Cap

    Is it just me or should the new fiesta have a locking fuel cap?! From what I can work out it would take me approx, 10 seconds to open and siphon petrol out of it. Anyone know if one is available?
  4. Usb connection new fiesta

    Half way through this topic I stuck something up about connecting an Ipod and a mod you could make to get over the Y lead being too stiff . Heres the cover plate details - £2.67 = vat http://picasaweb.google.com/kitching.garet...338856186461026
  5. Usb connection new fiesta

    You should be able to get the cable, USB / 3.5mm plate and configure the software. I'd suspect it'll be a lot more that the £50 quoted at time of sale. Perhaps £150 assuming the parts and 1.5 hours of rip off labour charges.
  6. New fiesta in leather

    Yeah Hot Magenta with leather is a good choice. The leather is actually slightly grey but adds a bit of class. It's not cheapy shiny leather like my old Peugeot, but has matt finish and more supple.
  7. Usb connection new fiesta

    Yes a 1m one : male one end, female the other. Colour doesn't matter (about £1.50 on ebay). Search under 'USB extension cable 1m' Equally, the 3.5mm will be male one end and female the other. (again about £1.50 on ebay) Search under '3.5mm extension 1m'
  8. new a new shape fiestafiesta best price deal ?

    I went to a big garage and got 1.5k off, tried a small independant at end of month (last day) got 2.5k off a 1.6 titanium. Basically negotiate hard, and i mean hard.
  9. Usb connection new fiesta

    Glove box and drivers side mini box a bit tricky, so slight change of plan. Here we go, blanking plate on order overnight from dealer so a day to finish properly but........ USB Plate Removed http://picasaweb.google.com/kitching.garet...604786376765026 USB bits unclipped http://picasaweb.google.com/kitching.garet...604837901714866 Extension Cables extended with 1m usb extension and 1m 3.5mm audio and pushed back into centre console Empty plate refitted (waiting for blanking plate) http://picasaweb.google.com/kitching.garet...604864363835570 Extension wires taken along side of centre console and re-routed to rear of centre console http://picasaweb.google.com/kitching.garet...604890155365858 Leaving no wires messing up the handbrake and the ipod facing the right way around. Install time 15 mins Cost £1.50 USB lead, £1.50 3.5mm lead and £21.50 for Ford Y lead. £4.50 for new blanking plate. A productive day even though I'm snowed in.
  10. Usb connection new fiesta

    No, I initially thought that. I tried the apple usb and a separate 3.5mm from the headphone socket, thinking that logically it was the same. This displayed the tracks on the display but no sound came through. When i disconnected the USB the reverse happened. No display but the ipod played through the line in. The mechanics were scratching their heads too. So I bought a Y lead off Allen Ford via ebay. http://picasaweb.google.com/kitching.garet...573331975705682 Basically the usb track info and music are taken from the ipod connector (i.e. not the 3.5mm ipod headphone jack) and then this splits into the two wires. It's all a bit of an after thought by Ford. The Y lead is too short and too stiff. Frankly it's useless. K Jay is spot on the usb WILL break. So...to my cunning plan. (i) Since this morning I've managed to gently prise the usb and 3.5 cover off http://picasaweb.google.com/kitching.garet...573514833281618 (ii)I will push this little panel under the gear stick (loads of room) (iii) and connect a 1m usb extension cable and 1m 3.5mm extension cable (I’ve tried and it works) http://picasaweb.google.com/kitching.garet...573434593802770 (iv) run these cables to the glove box, or little box on drivers side http://picasaweb.google.com/kitching.garet...573545550763394 (v) connect the Y Ford lead (vi) and finally, will source a replacement blank panel off one of the basic Fiesta from my dealer. (less than a £5) Even the wife said Cool! (Oh and the process is reversible in case if you ever need to take it back to Ford, i.e. not to knacker the warranty)
  11. Usb connection new fiesta

    Hello chaps. New Person Just had the Fiesta in the garage for three days to have usb and bluetooth sorted out. A software update was not installed; the poor guys were going mental trying to figure it out. Sadly they and I are experts on it now! So what have I learnt........ Well to plug an ipod or ipod touch in you MUST have the Ford Y cable; this allows the tracks to be displayed and contolled through the Ford system. I tried with two different leads (usb and a 3.5 jack) and it didn't work other than as an mp3 player into the 'line in'. Allen Ford sell the Y lead on Ebay for £21.50 incl P&P delivered next day. It's now working and it is great. Big However, HOWEVER, the Y lead (as someone has said) is really really stiff and I reckon its only going to be a matter of weeks until the usb port breaks. There's no where to store an ipod touch or ipod without it either breaking the cable or getting tangled up in the gearstick and handbrake.Bottom line the port is in the wrong place, this should be in the glovebox. I will talk to Ford and also look at moving the port myself or perhaps buy more supple extension wires. I'll keep you posted, any questions please ask.