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  1. Lasse1955, you are an absloute legend my friend. My wife's got a 2003 Fiesta 1.4 with Durashift box. Since I have stopped using my bike this has been my only vehicle for doing my 60 mile a day commute so is important to me. We have always had a few issues with this particulat gearbox since we bought it second hand in 2007, missing gears, hesitation in selecting gears and an annoying judder when pulling away. Well, 2 weeks ago things got worse. Pulling up at junctions still in 5th gear, taking ages to fing neutral, real long hesitation between 2nd and 3rd gear and juddering worse than ever. I spoke to a mechanic friend of mine who suggested undoing the electrical plugs and cleaning them out with WD-40, I was sceptical because it definitely sounded mechanical. I could not believe it,... it worked, well for about 200 miles until on Wednesday morning, the coldest day of the year at 6 am going to work. I pulled out from the bottom of my road, went from 1st to 2nd no problem, 2nd to 3rd NO WAY! Pulled over and that was that, no gears, no neutral, no engine, would even turn over. I ended up having to be towed home and spent the day researching. Then I came across this forum and it started to make sense and so using Lasse1955's post me and my mate Wilsky (mainly Wilsky) tackled the problem. Now I am in no way a mechanic but I have to say that this was easy. It took us in total about 2 hours including tea breaks and popping in to watch the football. On my car the larger of the 2 spindles were absolutely jammed solid and took a bit of work freeing it up. Once it was out we got some 15mm copper tube and attatched some fine sandpaper to it and went about boring out the cyclinder until the spinlde moved freely up and down. Put it all back together and took it for a spin. I am not exagerating when I say that it drives better than when we bought it and the judder has gone aswell, for now anyway. So sorry for the essay but I felt I needed to share and say a big thanks to Lasse1955, there are more than a few beers waiting here for you mate. Greetings from UK. If anyone wants more info on how to do this then just ask. I'll be more than happy to help. I should have taken more photos I know.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Mogger :)