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  1. Okay, so I've bought a pair of projector/puddle lights that project an image (of Batman) onto the road when the doors are opened; BUT, to wire them up I need to find the switched live inside the door (ie the wire that goes to +12v when the door is opened. Can anyone help me? Please?? In return, I promise to post a photo of the lights in action once they're working :-/
  2. Ok, so I bought one of these thingies to try to diagnose a few problems with my son's 2003 Fiesta Black... Problem is, I can't seem to install the damn thing on my laptop. I've searched on google for drivers and stuff but can't find anything that seems to work. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? (or better still, talk me through it) Please???
  3. Navarro93

    Speedo Droping To Zero

    yes, you can. the silver tape is just head shield tape. On another note, I've managed to get my pin out (after snapping the clip off lol) and even with the pin right out I still can't get the bl00dy sensor out. I've tried wiggling, twisting, levering and tapping, but it just won't bl00dy budge. any hints or tips from experts?
  4. Navarro93

    Cooling Fan Not Coming On

    I have a similar problem - took the car for an mot today and we had to abort the test because the cooling fan wouldn't kick in, AND we couldn't get the CO levels down enough to pass the emissions test. I've tried disconnecting the temp sensor plug to put it into "limp" mode with the engine running, but the fan still doesn't kick in. The fuses are all okay, and the fan itself works when I connect it straight to 12v. Anyone have any ideas, 'cos it's got to go back for its MOT again tomorrow morning :-(
  5. Navarro93

    Painting Fiesta Mk6 Fog Lights

    guess I'll try again, but hotter this time... Thanks
  6. Not sure if this can be done, and I've had a quick go myself and failed, hence asking you experts! On my VW Transporter I've split the headlights (by heating them up in the oven to soften the seal) and painted the inside plastics, and wanted to do the same with my lad's 2003 Fiesta Black. Trouble is, I can't seem to break the seal apart. Has anyone done this, and if so, is there a knack to it, or are they so securely stuck that they won't separate? Anyone??
  7. Navarro93

    First Mods

    surely that's illegal? :P
  8. That's a nice pair (of Fiesta's ) you've got there!!
  9. Navarro93

    Pet Transportation!

    I'm thinking of training Sully as a drug dog, because whenever I request one I'm always told "we don't have one on duty today!"
  10. Navarro93

    Pet Transportation!

    They're pets, but we do actually race them (although not competitively in organised events yet as the pups are still too young) I guess Jed & Willow are your work dogs? (We use Mals as GP dogs and Springers as drug and explosive dogs in Hampshire)
  11. Navarro93

    Speedo Stopped Working - 53 Plate Mk6 Flame

    Removal of the instrument cluster is easy. Grab the pod that they sit in and pull it up and back towards you. It'll come out really easily. Then the speedo unit is held in by two philips head screws at the top. Undo that and lift the speed unit out, simples! The VSS is at the back of the gearbox. If you look down the back of the engine where the gearbox meets the engine, you'll see the 2/3 wires going to the VSS (normally protected by foil insulation) The pin goes in from the drivers wheel side (so obviously comes out towards the drivers wheel. It's an absolute sh*tter to get out because the retaining clip will break off and the pin is usially left stuck in the hole with a tiny bit sticking out to grab with mole grips. I bruised the hell out of my right hand/arm/biceps trying to wiggle the damn thing out with a pair of mini mole grips. The ABS speed sensor is on the wheel, but only on models with ABS (obviously). 'Tis different to the non ABS VSS...
  12. Navarro93

    C Max Not Max Power

    check your vacuum hoses. Sometimes they split, but under normal load the air still flows through okay, and it's only under acceleration that the pressure drops (usually because when you accelerate hard the engine rocks a little, which can cause the vac hoses to move and the splits open up)
  13. Navarro93

    Clutch Problem - Urgent

    Don't know what AEC failure is, but if it's lost power but then recovers when you switch off then on again, I'd suggest it's probably some sort of "limp mode" to protect the engine (You'll probably need a diagnostics check to find out what is wrong) As far as being stuck in reverse is concerned, the gear selector linkage is on the front of the gearbox on a Mk6 Fiesta (I know, I have one, same year as yours, but the Black edition) It's under a black plastic cover. If you take the cover off, you should be able to move the selector about and pop the car out of reverse so you can get it towed Good luck!
  14. Navarro93

    Pet Transportation!

    Huskies. Oldest two (first pic) are 3 in May next year, Skye (in the cage) is just 2, and the other two are 14 months old. Enough for two racing teams :-)
  15. Navarro93

    Mk6 Fiesta Window Washers

    Honestly sounds like your washers have frozen. I'm pretty sure (about 99%) that F&R washers are fed from the same bottle, so it's highly likely that the water in it has frozen. Try adding a load of winter screenwash to it, then give it time to melt...