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  1. Hot/warm Start Issues Help Required Please

    The prolonged cranking to start issue seems common on the 1.6 with stacks of posts all over the web relating to a long crank before starting but no ones ever posts a resolve!!! Mine seems random, originaly i thought it was when warm but its actualy completly random somes starting instantly and sometimes i get the long crank. So far ive replaced the coil pack only and engine stillhas the hiccups noe and then. Thinking of checking fuel preesure but which gauge would be easiest to hook up? Thanks
  2. Hi Can anyone tell me which timing tensioner my zetec se engine will have? Is it the automatic type? Its a 1.6 petrol 2001 and it looks like there are two possibilities? Or do i need to take the cover off and look? Thanks
  3. Hot/warm Start Issues Help Required Please

    Nice one thanks i will take a look
  4. God Give Me Strenght,,, Alternator Advice!!!

    Sorry didnt read the bottom of your post!!! However id still look at a bad earth or broken earth wire
  5. God Give Me Strenght,,, Alternator Advice!!!

    You should be seeing about 14.4v at the battery with engine running so you have an issue with maybe a bad earth or broken wire, maybe even a fuse blown if the alternstor circuit has one. (Not sure on the focus)
  6. Hi guys, Just brought a Focus 1.6 zetec and it has trouble starting when warm, It turns over for a few seconds longer before firing up and starts great from cold. It also has a bit of hesitation when driving almost like a hicup which is quite frequent when pitting the throttle fown which i think may be a failing coil pack. Any advice greatly appreciated
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Aaron111111 :)