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  1. Camberwell

    Winter Wheel Size

    Hmm, I might fit them just to try for half an hour, otherwise I will just leave it. Thanks for all your responses!
  2. Camberwell

    Winter Wheels Sizes

    Hi, I am about to order my first set of winter wheels and tyres for my 2006 2.0 (petrol) S-max, but the website I am looking at is giving a selection of wheels with different ET measurements. All of the wheels are 7.00J x 16, but some have an ET of 50 and the others have an ET of 43. Can anyone tell me if the wheels with an ET of 43 would fit? Thanks!
  3. Camberwell

    Winter Wheel Size

    I'm ok with that, the car is only used for a 30 min commute during the week, but otherwise it would be ok to use them? It's probably only for 2 months or so, over here in Holland we're not getting such severe snowfall compared to the UK.... Thanks!
  4. Camberwell

    Winter Wheel Size

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 2006 1.6 Fiesta, and I have been offered by a friend a set of steelies with winter tyres from his old mk5 Fiesta. The problem is that they are 185/55/r14. I know from the owners manual that they should be 175/65/r14, but would it cause any problems if I put my friend's ones on my car? Thanks for any advice!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Camberwell :)