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  1. New Guy Looking To Join The St Crew!

    I come to the conclusion the other night that my Celica is crap on fuel anyways so the ST cant be much worse :)
  2. New Guy Looking To Join The St Crew!

    Sounds like a plan lol
  3. New Guy Looking To Join The St Crew!

    Well I've joined that forum hoping to further my knowledge before taking the plunge... 25mpg I think I could live with but 20mpg would kill me lol, I'm only 22 and soon to be a LCpl, dont get paid enough for that sort of fuel bill.... At the moment anyways :) Aw I was hoping they would have a sports button lol.... Being a squaddie we like things to poke and press... Then again it would be something else for me to break lol! I'm always pressing Tims sport button, he loves hates it lol.. Does anyone know what the standard sound system is in ST? I know they differ from 1 2 and 3 but in general? QAnd do they have cruise control? That should help economy a little...
  4. New Guy Looking To Join The St Crew!

    Wow thats alot lower than I expected! I could drive my MG at 90 all day long and get 350 miles to the tank (50L)... The Celica I had to lower the speed down to 80 but was still getting between 300 and 350... And at 20mpg that takes it all the way down to 240! I was hoping to get the 'combined' rates at 30mpg as apposed to the 'extra urban' of 40... But wow... This makes me sad lol EDIT; After doing some maths, the 41.5mpg the ST claims to have on the motorway would mean a single full tank should last over 500 miles... Which is ridiculous for a performance car... Therefore must be total bull... Who were Ford trying to kid with that?? My mates Diesel Mongayo only manages 600... Still probably wont stop me getting one though hahah... I'll just have to change my driving style... Or get switchable maps for eco and fun or something... Does the ST have a sport button or anything? My mates VXR does and he has eco for normal and an angry map for sport mode lol I guess I'll have to slow to 70/80... Journeys gonna take longer now lol Atleast I'll be more comfortable though...
  5. New Guy Looking To Join The St Crew!

    Lol!!! My cars arent that bad... My MG is being used by my mom for now, as it's little 1.4 lump is good for bouncing around town and doing the shopping in... My Celica is an awesome sports car, but not awesome every day car... With the ST going to be an every day car, I wouldn't want too much out of it, with it being a step up from the Celica power wise I probably wouldnt fettle at all for atleast 6 months... That said you always want more power... With it being a FWD I wouldnt go stupid though... I've always said 250bhp max on a FWD without an LSD but apparently the ST has one? So tops I'd go would probably be 300-350... Depending on cost... I've heard someone say you can get to 300 with just breathing mods and a map... Which I believe must be a little optimistic but hey! I'm just hoping to learn enough about them to make sure this is the car I want before I take the plunge and get one, and hoping you guys will be able to help me work that out!! Also thanks for the welcome, Mike :)
  6. Hi I'm currently driving an Toyota Celica T Sport 190, only had it a month... Bought it as a spur of the moment thing... Realised it's completely impractical. So looking to get a 2008 ST2 or 3 in April (When insurance is up for renewal), so I figured I'd start researching now! I'm in the army so I do a lot of miles, roughly 150miles from camp to home, And then town driving when I'm there... That's looking to go up soon when I get posted too... Fuel economy is not a big thing for me (obviously otherwise I wouldnt have a Celica lol!) but I don't want to be left to poor! So how bad are the STs for real? I've read book figures etc.. and I know they're trying really hard... I cruise between 80 and 90 so what would I be looking at? Also are they comfy? I should imagine so being a big family car... How much is the tuning world for Ford? I have an MG too which is really cheap to tune, and then my Celica which is £700 for stage 2 cams! £700 could double/tripple my power output int he MG... And finally what sort of common faults do they suffer with? My mate has a Astra VXR and his gearbox is on the way out, which is one costly repair... I hope there's nothing that major with the ST? I've been looking at a few cars in the range of the ST... Mainly Astra VXR, Golf R32, Volvo C30 T5, Audi A3 2.0T S line, Mazda3 MPS, 1 series and the Honda Civic Type R. I would like the ST over the others but would you recommend the same? I know you will be somewhat biased but all I want is honest answers :) Cheers, Luke
  7. Deleted post due to posting in wrong section, sorry!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums lukenobrains :)