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  1. Thanks for that info. I'll chuck it into a local independent and have them check it out, along with the camber issue.
  2. Nope, hence the thread. I'm pretty much clueless about cars Sorry, That is probably what I meant couldn't think of it. NS rear wheel is like the OS. No obvious play when trying to rock it or clicking noise. Just a a sound as if the brake pads are still on the disc slightly and rubbing. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, I do have another issue with the Front OS wheel where the CAM? is out quite a bit. There is another thread from a while back about this.
  4. Sorry folks, Also could this possibly be any thing to do with front wheels?
  5. Thanks stef123, will give it a go when I can.
  6. No apparent more movement when doing this, seemed quire rigid. No clicking noise when spinning the wheel but there was a slight grinding noise similar to that of when brake pads or worn down to nothing, just no where as near as loud.
  7. Thanks. Will give it a go, guess I'm looking for the wheel "rocking" Ian
  8. Hi Folks Sorry if the title is a bit vague, not sure how best to describe. When driving there is a constant drone noise which I can only really describe as like some one was holding a piece of card on the tyre when the wheel was turning. This stops when I turn right or go round a right hand bend (Roundabout etc) but it does not have to be that drastic a turn. For example if I go into the kerb and then turn back to the middle of the road it is enough to stop it. From a driving point of view it seems to come from the rear driver side. There's no visible sign of strange wear on the tyre. Could it be brake related some how? Any suggestions on what may be a likely cause and any remedies? Thanks Edit: Guess it would help to know car details. 54 Plate 2.0 TDCI Ghia hatch / Saloon.
  9. Don't know as never given it a thought to try. Will give it a go later and see how it goes.
  10. Thanks both for the replies. Took it to an independant near work but they do not do gear boxes and gave me some one elses card. So have them or even Mr Clutch is very local to work for a qwuick look. Cheers
  11. Folks, after some input to help resolve a likely fault so I can sound a bit more confident when going to the garage. 6 Speed Manual box - my first for a long time so I do not think it is me simply getting to grips with it. Problem: I have some issues with getting into various gears, especially 4th. It is not all the time and the degree of difficulty varies. It is motly noticed when coming from 3rd into 4th and varies per the below: Goes in nice and smoothly and would not think it there was an issue Goes in with some wiggling (go back to neutral and try again) and the crunching / grinding Goes in with a bit more wiggling Goes in with brute force but still getting the crunching / grinding Also I some times have problems getting over to Reverse and or up into 1st if I've been stationary at lights etc, but not that often. is there any thing simple that I can check that does not need the engine taking out... Thanks Ian
  12. Folks, Recently brought this car and am generally really pleased. But unsure if the trip comp is faulty or if it is in fact correct and normal In my wifes car her trip computer has a whole range of info, more than on my Mondeo. But one of the main things is that the MPG reading is static on the Mondeo. But on the wives car if you go to this it changes constanly depending on your driving giving you a real time reading. Also when I flick through there is a temp display but it only has 3 dashes so is obviously not working? Is this linked to the "Snowflake" light on the dash panel which has been constantly on red. Thanks Ian
  13. Thanks again for the detail. If I drill holes in the base (near the seat belt fixings) am I likely to have a problem. Looking to retrofit an isofix kit in.
  14. Thanks for the info in both posts. No need to worry about taking out the seat. Had a look through the link, think I've already searched through there and I've had a good feel and I'm sure that I could not feel them under the cover.
  15. Folks, This is on a 54 Plate Looking for some help as I've trawled the web and can not locate a definite answer. Recently purchased this car privately and the advert said it had the isofix connections, which it does not, not a major issue but was one of the things I was looking at when purchasing. Never even gave it a though to physically check. Any how after a bit more digging found a few sites where people have added this to their car, so seems like good news, and ther was mention of looking for a couple of tags whcih can be removed to fit the isofix bar onto. Below is the under neath of the rear seat and there is no sign of any thing that I can see. The question I'm looking to have answered is can an Isofix Retrofit kit be fitted. I'm look at the kit and thinking all I need to do is drill a couple of holes and bolt it on. What is under this plate if I do get the drill out? hopefully will not find the petrol tank Also can any one tell we what this plastic bit is? It's on the rear seat both Driver and passenger side. This plastic thing looks like it's a cover and can be removed, have not tried yet. The top of the picture is the base of the seat and the plastic bit is between the seat and the floor and would be behind your calf if you was sat there. Any help greatly appreciated. Ian