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  1. Fiesta Mk4 Doing My Head In

    Thanks, I´ve found the MAP sensor and the Lambda sensor, the IAT sensor I think needs some digging around under the air filter ( it´s not anywhere on the intake tube or manifold) and the engine temp sensor will need some digging around but now I know where it is ,or should be. I´ll let you know what I find, Cheers!
  2. Fiesta Mk4 Doing My Head In

    Thanks Dieselpig, to be honest I don´t know,but I´ll certainly check up on that ,after I find out where those sensors are. That would explain why the diagnostic computer is giving confusing readings (?)
  3. Fiesta Mk4 Doing My Head In

    Sorry, it´s fuel injection, and it´s not the injectors because they tried a replacement injection ramp,no difference.
  4. Fiesta Mk4 Doing My Head In

    By the way, the diagnostic computer insists the fault lies in the throttle sensor (replaced), and the engine will only start/run with the vacuum hose disconnected ( the small one behind the inlet manifold ).
  5. Fiesta Mk4 Doing My Head In

    yes they did, tried an alternative coil pack and leads, checked the plugs are sparking,etc. Thanks,matt
  6. Fiesta Mk4 Doing My Head In

    Hi there, I´ve got a 99 fiesta MK4, 1.3 petrol which has been at the "mechanics" for TWO MONTHS, now I´ve brought it home because it´s doing my head in,and I´m determined to fix it myself . Symptoms; poor idling,rough running, burning huge amounts of petrol and stinking the place out. Done so far; new throttle sensor,new idle air valve,replaced e.c.u, and watching useless mechanics scratch their heads for two months, any ideas? Matt
  7. Matt Carey In Spain

    Hi fellow Ford owners, My names Matt, I´m an artist from london,living (or trying to) in Spain, own an old Ford Fiesta MK4 which was great till recently,hoping to get some technical help, and maybe help out with any problems you might have with your cars or other topics. Cheers!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums mattcreate :)