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  1. how would i know if i have a ftdi chip in my elm cable do you also need to install extra drivers thankyou for the lengthy post explaining it all
  2. Just downloaded the latest version of this wonderful software. can someone explain what the driver option is for please. (V)CP and FTDI D2XX option can you update the PCM on a Focus ST 2.5 MK2.5 ty
  3. Anyone know if there is a setting to acivate the headlamp washers by any chance.
  4. yeah all sorted now, read it on a focus forum in malaysia about unticking the shift up which i did and its came back. i have backups of all pages on the laptop, golden rule no 1. not sure if you can help me on another issue, i enabled dds on my 59 plate forcus st and the option on the dash to set tyres which works fine but i got a flat before but never got a warning. the things i enabled was HEC config page 1 epb level1/ dds level 2/3 ticked HEC config page 2 hec level 2/3 menu speedlock supression all ticked BCM config dds focus facelift kuga ticked is there anything i have missed
  5. No it has disappeared. Yeah know you can use the software to change it but would like it back in the car If you could check that would be great pal. The only other that been done to the car is that i have had a RS clutch fitted so the gearbox has been out . So wondering if something been missed on refitting it
  6. anyone know what to turn on to get the steering setting on the clocks seem to have lost them when updated the clocks
  7. I updated the clocks a few weeks back and activated Auto door locking DDS Eco mode Shift light Changed some timings for the lights. My distant to empty is well out still says on filling the tank i have a range of 350ish miles when i only get about 230ish miles to a tank and today I used the built in sat nav and the miles to your end of journey is out on the clocks compared to the touch screen By 1.6 miles. I have ran 3 tanks full through the car since changing anything
  8. yeah the 1st time I updated it and it failed half way through. to say I !Removed! myself is a understatement. all the clocks were not working but you can still start the car. just ran the update again and it was fine
  9. Nice one thought i did something that i shouldn't of
  10. Does anyone know why my distant to empty is miles out since i activated the following Dds Autolock Eco mode Shift up I have 3/4 of a tank and says i have 275 miles remaining. When i only get about 220 to a full tank normally The mpg is right with about 21-23 mpg
  11. Pretty sure i have that ticked already will check tomorrow
  12. Is there a setting for the autolocking if you stop and open say passenger door for it to relock again when you driving off without switching off and on again
  13. yeah I have a 59 plate facelift all sorted and updated. did crap myself tho because it failed the 1st time and my complete cluster wasn't working but did it again and it completed in 19 min did turn the laptop screen off half way through for 5 min or so. is there any info on the eco mode coz it says see manual
  14. what does that do Willyonly other thing I have noticed it says I am doing 11 mpg on the trip do you just reset it
  15. great got the autolocking working now did select eco mode in HEC level 2/3 but that doesn't seem to have worked