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  1. Wahoooooo...

    Hi FOCA Thank you ever so much for you more than comprehensive reply, it has certainly made up my mind for me. Thanks Simon
  2. Wahoooooo...

    HI gforce Which bit on etis tells me that it's a euro 3 or 4, i believe i've seen somewhere else on this the same results as me and I'm sure it was identifeid a a euro 3. results: Primary Features Build Date: 14.04.2004 Vehicle Line: Mondeo 2001-2007 Body Style: 5 Door Saloon Version: Series 56 Engine: 2.0L Duratorq DI CR (130PS) Transmission: 6 Speed Manual Transaxle - MMT6 Drive: RHD FWD Axle Ratio: 4.071/2.850 Emission: 2000 EEC (EEC 7) Air Conditioning: Automatic Air Conditioning Territory: (+)"GB" Paint: Machine Silver (Metallic) Interior Colour: Ebony Interior Interior Fabric: Verona Grain Leather Cheers Simon
  3. Wahoooooo...

    HI John Thanks for that, I think's it's a euro 3 model as the info that comes from it is the same as another post i read somewhere and that was confirmed as a euro 3. I also understand that a euro 4 has an electrical plug on it. I'll check it out when I pick her up tomorrow. Think i want to do it if it reduces the black smoke, slightly increases fuel consumption and increases the power range, and if it does no damage then a good solid resolution alround. Cheers Simon
  4. Wahoooooo...

    ...well, I've only gone a bought myself a new Mondeo Ghia X TDCi (130) (6), well new to me anyway. She's on on a 2004 plate with 117k on the clock. In relatively good nick for age with FSH and 3 months warranty, which is a bonus! Anywho...on a previous post it was mentioned to blank off the EGR valve and I've serched this forum and there's lots of comment on it. So was just wondering if somebody could just clarify the situation for me? is it safe to do, won't break my engine? no imission issues for MOT? is it easy to do for a low level DIY novice? is there a 'how to' guide on this forum? should i do it? Hope somebody can point me in the right direction. Many thanks Simon
  5. Oh indeed, I know that warm and fuzzy feeling well!
  6. Well, just found another Mondeo 2.0l 130 Ghia x on a 52 plate with 130,000 on the clock...FSH and a recent clutch change all for £1,695...and all the Ghia x goodies and again, judging by the website looks in good order . It is cheaper than the previous hatchback i've seen but with more miles and slightly older, however the clutch has been changed but not the DMF and no warranty. Both look good with pro's and con's i guess but i think i'd still like younger and less miles or is that being petty??
  7. Yeah...i know what you mean about looking nice to sell. I haven't been to see the hatchback just yet, but have been emailing the dealer and it has FSH up111k but no reciepts for any other work so i guess they don't know, risk there? Have to say they're not exactly forth coming with any other details I request other than clutch/DMF/injectors are covered. Perhaps i could either haggle the price down if i like it when physically see it or get the warranty upped to 6/12 months...trouble is i don't have the cash in my pocket to be able to wave under their nose as an incentive. just that !Removed! predicament of being down to one car, needing two being close to Xmas and waiting for the !Removed! payout but being able to have cash to use instead middle of next week. Will i miss a good car would it be a dog, only 27 miles away so could go look and not make an off and if i do like it and it's still around call them back mid week and make a cash offer or will other come up...what a quandry!!! lol bugger!
  8. Sorry Guys I my haste forgot to add that hey're both 2.0l TDCi 130 (6) Ghia X's, the estate they're asking £1,695 and the Hatchback they want £1,990 and comes with 3 months warranty...are they both fair prices? Think I am leaning towards the Hatchback with it's lower miles and to be honest is closer to me for an inspection, i know as of yesterday they still have the car so should i just turn up so as to catch the car cold...had thought about that one. But just thought the estate a little more practical as can chuck my two springer in the back, kids in the middle and roof box on top. But then again, that all happening at the same time is a bit like today's date 12/12/12 not going to happen for another 89 years, lol! They both have all of the Ghia X goodies, so will have to test all of them...i'm a fairly low level DIY kind of mechanic, so can do some easy bits such as disks/pads, track rod ends and that kind of stuff. but would want to know what i need to test/check/look out for when buying. i'm in that awkard predicament of my previous car died in the floods thanks to a fellow motorist, it's been written off waiting for the payment now. so need a car rather quickly but also don't want to rush in either...argh!! gforce, your old mondeo below look stunning...i've attached pics of the two i'm looking at. Thanks for your help guys
  9. Hi Guys New to this forum and wanted to ask your advice… Wanting to buy a second hand Mondeo Ghia X 2004, I’ve seen two that I like…an estate with 140,000 miles and a hatchback with 117,000. The hatchback has got a full service history and the estate has a part service history. I’m ton as I like the look and practicality of the estate but the higher mileage and lack of full service is putting me off slightly but it is £300 cheaper. Am I worrying over nothing as long as it looks, feels and sounds in good condition? What should I be looking out for? I’ve heard that the rear bushes/sub frame can be a problem. Many thanks for any help/advise. Cheers Simon
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Noddi :)