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  1. Any Help Appreciated As Im A Bit Lost :-/

    No worries at all buddy!
  2. Any Help Appreciated As Im A Bit Lost :-/

    More likely a clip to be honest Chris! Not too sure how the mk4 compares to the mk6, but look under the drivers side wheel arch and into the engine bay, there may be a clip attached to the frame holding a pipe which runs towards the back of the car but past the drivers side wheel. Annoying the wife outside in that weather?! Rest in peace! It's raining up here in the North. Would love to know how you get on though Chris. As you say it is one of those things that you would never think of.
  3. Any Help Appreciated As Im A Bit Lost :-/

    Yeah all pipes will move when moved with your hand to some degree Chris. As I say get someone to turn the steering to full lock and keep tapping it off of full lock whilst the car is on. The hydraulic pressure going through the pipes when the steering is turned to full lock will make the power steering line move, it was this movement that was knocking off of other parts of the engine. Without having the car on, and doing that motion I would never have been able to tell that it was that loose power steering line. Usually I do this stuff myself, but on this occasion didn't have a clue and ended up taking it to my mechanic in the end. He done the exact thing with the steering wheel like I suggested whilst I looked in the engine bay - I could quite clearly see this pipe battering itself off of the radiator and engine bay housing - a bit like a very angry snake! Chris - do me a favour an upload an image of your engine bay and I'll give you an idea of where to look. If not - stand at the front of the car looking into the engine, on the left hand side you will notice the power steering bottle, any line coming off of that could be your culprit (assuming it is similar to the layout of the engine bays of mk4 fiestas on google images . . .)
  4. Any Help Appreciated As Im A Bit Lost :-/

    Yep, mine was rattling on the drivers side, keep in mind though that I have a Mk6 facelift, 07. Obviously depending on your engine layout it may be different. Take a look at this image - http://eucatparts.com/imgbank/cat/fo/0101/T010116311.jpg The line that comes down from the bottle (the one attached - not 3691) is the line that was hitting off the engine bay frame and side of the radiator. Yours may be different, but it was what was causing mine. Yes, like you say mine was more prominent when I was travelling at low speed and turning left. You'll be able to diagnose easily enough if you get a friend to turn the steering wheel to full lock and keep tapping it off of full lock whilst you look in the engine bay for any loose lines.
  5. Any Help Appreciated As Im A Bit Lost :-/

    I had the same issue as you recently. After 20 minutes of the mechanic scratching his head it was found to be the power steering line was hitting off of items in the engine bay due to the hydraulic pressure and uneven road surface. Try turning the engine on, turning to full lock, release the pressure and then back to full lock - if you hear the noise you are describing it could be a loose power steering line. I had also thought it was the CV joint!
  6. Gearbox Oil

    Marty - your link didn't work either. I've fixed my first post to ensure the links do now work.
  7. Gearbox Oil

    Hi guys, Wanting to change the gearbox oil on a 07 Ford Fiesta (facelift). Confused as to which oil is really best for the car - the internet has led me to believe many, many different things. As per my local parts desk I require ford spec WSD-M2C200-C (the guy showed me this stuff - http://www.oil-service.su/d/367604/d/image_43.jpg), however have read here that you can use the rebranded SMX-S stuff - http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/12648-fiesta-mk6-gearbox-filler/. My concern is though that the SMX-S stuff does not say that it meets that spec on the bottle. I did find two things on the castrol website though which conflict: http://msdspds.castrol.com/bpglis/FusionPDS.nsf/Files/EBD50B7F0C69A5C48025782000516BFB/$File/BPXE-8DHD82_0.pdf http://www.salube.co.za/downloads/tds/syntrans-multivehicle-75w-90.pdfHowever they both seem to be the same stuff although have different specifications. My concerns are - Is the stuff that I have (Syntrans Multivehicle 75W-90) suitable for my car? What is the definitive top up level - I've read until it dribbles out, and I've also read that it should be 10mm under the filler hole?Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi all, Recently took the car to the garage due to an rattle on the drivers side driving wheel. After investigation it came down to a loose power steering line. The line in question falls off of the back of the Power Steering resivoir bottle around the frame towards the bottom of the car, and then snakes along the aux belt cover to the steering rack. I noticed after further inspection that the bottom clip which is situated close to the aux belt cover (in front of the drivers side wheel) had broken. I'd rather replace the clip rather than using a zip tie (incase it rubs through) but due to my local Ford Counter not having the Facelift (for whatever reason) parts catalogue, in fact they used this one listed below (which is for the preface lift Mk6): http://eucatparts.com/imgbank/cat/fo/0101/T010116311.jpg In theory everything looks the same however it does not include the clip I am looking for. The hoses in the below taken picture are 3A713 & 3A697 from the parts picture above. Below picture is where I am talking about. The protruding panel with the two drilled holes is where the clip is meant to slide onto, the hose is then clipped onto that. And below is a few pictures of the clip in question. If anyone could help me source a new one it would be most appreciated. Thanks guys.
  9. Hi all, Just need a bit of help. Basically I am looking for a Fiesta as a first time car. I went to go and see one this evening - red, Jan 04, 79k miles, £1995. Basically, the paint was in an immaculate condition. Apart from the fact that he had sprayed the bumper due to some issue. He described it as if someone had reversed in a bollard. The service history seemed a little off and on. The previous 2 services were at 25000 and a big gap to 50000. Then hasn't been serviced since. The clutch had been recently replaced. Though when selecting reverse gear it would crunch and if not properly selected the gear box would grind. All other gears however were fine and engaged smoothly. The inside was perfect and not damp in the foot wells. Nor in the boot. I got a friend to have a look as he was a previous mechanic. The oil seemed a little diluted and looked as if there was some water inside. He took off the oil filler cap, and there was blowing coming from the cap, including a smell of petrol and fumes. In fact, specs of oil hit him in the face whilst smelling the fumes. So tell me is it a dud and should I stay away from it? Cheers all Pudd
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Pudd :)