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  1. Water Leak

    I have a mk6 pre facelift fiesta 03 plate wen I brought the car 6 months ago the spare wheel well was full of water so I punched the drain hole out nd drained the water now and again it fills up wen we have heavy rain And also if I open the boot after its been raining I can see water coming out from the boot latch any ideas anyone ?? Really doing my head in now
  2. Cooling Fan Not Coming On

    Try the relay in the engine bay had quite a few of them faults and it turns out to be th square relay by the battery
  3. Advice/ideas Of Problem

    Could also be the strut top mounts as they can Break or go stiff and your steering will go heavy and creak at low speeds but if you get to higher speeds you won't hear the creaking but still feel still so I'd say it could be the top strut mounts
  4. Easy Cheap Mods

    Oh I see now what you mean now and yes will be a big project but hope all goes well next year
  5. Easy Cheap Mods

    Hey Nathan what do you mean by door sills ?? And Iv ordered my wind deflectors :) thank you for the list I think I will be going through it slowly hehe as of nxt summer I will b putting a 2.0ltr fiesta st engine in my fiesta and changing the front set up as not the same
  6. Easy Cheap Mods

    Hey guys iv got a 1.4 Zetec pre face lift mk6 fiesta I'm just wondering what are the cheap and easy mods to do to start off with and what mods you have done to your fiesta ?
  7. Kidderminster Meet

    I was going with my work but they are taking someone else nd I wud have gone but I haven't got the money to go :(
  8. Welsh Members

    I'm James and I'm from Welshpool mid Wales
  9. Kidderminster Meet

    Hey dude well my gf lives in Kidderminster nd I'm up here most th tym nd it's by the horse fair
  10. Changing Brake Pads

    It's a 13mm bolt tht holds th calliper to the calliper carrier so undo the 2 13mm bolts and lift th calliper off to get to the pads
  11. Kidderminster Meet

    Is there any1 up for a foc meet in Kidderminster area
  12. Cheap Mods

    Yer I'm ringing my insurance on weekend to see what I will be charged for but I want to do the small mods first
  13. Cheap Mods

    I'm 18 but I just like wanted to know what mods I could do cheap and do minor mods like in the next few months and then the bigger mods like in a year or so
  14. Cheap Mods

    Summer I mean
  15. Cheap Mods

    I've been on the dmb site and its all good for new badges nd seen your guide dan might have to do it in the winter