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  1. Battery Charging On Car

    Thanks Bruce and Clive for the info. I'd never heard of a conditioner but for sheer convenience I think it's worth having one. Been motoring for 50 years ( always Fords) and still learning something new. Dave
  2. Battery Charging On Car

    Bruce, interesting about the conditioner. May come back to you later on that. Like you I don't use my car all that frequently--about once per week. We tend to use my wife's car for daily shopping etc. Am about to use my car today. Hope it starts after this week's cold weather hence the initial request re charging. Dave
  3. Battery Charging On Car

    Many thanks Lennie and Steve, you have saved me from a possible disaster as I was tempted to do it the lazy way and leave leads connected. Excellent advice also on how to obtain stereo serial number. Dave
  4. Can anyone please tell me if it is quite safe to charge a battery with the battery in place in the car and the terminals still connected. Many years ago this method was quite safe but am not sure about today. Also do the filler plugs, if present, need to be removed during charging. Thanks. Dave
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Dave 68 :)