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  1. Heater Only Works On 4

    after my 09 fiesta being parked up for 10 days at an airport my heater now only works on number 4. im guessing from the forum that its the heater resister ?? please correct me if im wrong. if it is the resister how easy is it to change (i previousley changed one on a KA) and where is it located ? Thanks
  2. Hi Its my understanding that my heater resister is located driver side diagnal to the clutch pedal however im struggling to find it due to a panel under my steering wheel that say airbag on it. Does this panel come off ?? Thanks
  3. Heater Problems

    Hi After having my car parked up for 2 month due to a broken wrist i am now back using it, however although the heater is working it only works on full blast which is not only noisy but the car is getting a bit too warm, i had a similar problem i my previous car so think i have an idea of what it is ..... could it be the heater resister under / in the glove box? all replies greatfully received. Thanks
  4. got told that my driver side rear light was out so one day tapped it slightly and it came back on, eventually the bulb went and i replaced it, few days later the passenger side front bulb went, replaced that, now the driver side front bulb has gone and both my rear lights are off unless i hit them. any advice? cheers
  5. Rust

    After giving my KA a much needed & long overdue wash on saturday i noticed a patch on rust on the passenger side cose to the door. I was wondering what if anything i can do with it to stop it getting any worse / spreading.
  6. Ka Heater Not Working Properly

    although i do have heat and it is coming through quicker than it was its not what you would call tropical in my car, would replaceing the heater matrix help? or have i fitted the heater valve wrong??
  7. Ka Heater Not Working Properly

    all in with postage i think it came to about £11
  8. Ka Heater Not Working Properly

    while most pl spent boxing day in the pub i spent it replaceing the heater valve and im pleased to announce that i now have a warm toastie car. many thanks to those of you that took the time to reply to my post
  9. Ka Heater Not Working Properly

    ive had a look and this looks fine (like the pic on your link) im going to try and replace the heather valve and see if that works. many thanks for your help
  10. Ka Heater Not Working Properly

    no, it feels fine. Ive been seeing alot of posts on vairious websites about a dodgy valve ......
  11. The heater in my KA does work ..... eventually but if i faff with it (ie try and change the temp) it then goes cold. Driving to work this morning with numb fingers and toes was not fun and i refuse to pay the prices a garage will charge me to fix it if it is something i can do myself. All ideas / replys greatfully received.
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums emzib :)