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  1. Cylinder Compression

    I've not long taken it to a Ford dealer. I have only a few days before the warranty runs out so I have left it with them to investigate. Hopefully, surely, they will pin point the issue.. So glad it was found out before the warranty expires. I'll update the result and feedback from Ford. I can't wait to see what comes of it.
  2. Cylinder Compression

    Mileage is only 40k? As I say, no obvious indication of low compression in the cylinders? Performance hasn't changed (apart from the flat spot), coolant and engine temperature isn't rising, no steam, etc. Nothing pointing out gasket problems really.. I get the car serviced and all of the above is replaced as expected in a service, oil, filters and plugs etc. I maintain the vehicle well. Which is why I am confused!
  3. Cylinder Compression

    Any thoughts on this??? I booked my car in for a service (2012 Fiesta Metal, N/A), before the service the car's driveability was completely fine, apart from a flat spot on throttle response on a cold start when driving. During the service, I got a call from the mechanic and he said he changed the plugs and it didn't start smoothly, he replaced plugs again and still had an abnormal start-up. He done a compression test on all cylinders and said 2nd and 3rd cylinders are only at 50% compression rating? ( around 75 psi). He reckons it could be a head gasket fracture or related? I got the car back and still, the performance isn't any different, not misfiring, no blue smoke, or any obvious indication that its gasket related. What could it be?
  4. Fiesta Metal Rev Lag

    I own a 2012 Fiesta Metal, and over past couple months I have started to notice sometimes when I put my foot down on the accelerator the cars performance is sluggish compared to normal? Revs take longer to increase, too.. There are no lights showing on the cluster indicating any errors etc. Anyone else had/ know of this issue, even if not this model? Az