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  1. Lowering - Worth It?

    I've got mine lowered by 45mm sitting on 16" wheels with 195/45's and it looks so much better than looking like a 4x4 and handles amazingly! My Springs like above, were only £80 off ebay and cost £40 to fit!
  2. I get the clicking after I've ran the car letting it heat up - I had it looked at and was told it was the fan coming on / off? Not too sure about the acceleration lag as it's non-turbo?
  3. Cruise Control Activation Mk 7.5

    I have it also, on my titanium and swear by it - use it as much as possible! Allows to sit back and be comfortable whilst the car does the driving for you. I wouldn't try to install it after production though!
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Hid Problems!!

    Morning Guys, bought some HIDs last night, 6000k, went to fit them and got them wired up and working BUT the problems started when i tried to plug fit them into my headlight holder? I could not - there is wires going into the old plug (what the bulb clipped into for power) and there is no "catches" that i can lock the bulb in place with? Anyone got any solutions or am i going to have to make a bracket? Cheers
  5. Mk7 Tdci Tuning Box???

    I heard it from a local remapper (post 2010) and i also was told that this is correct as it cannot be done down the diagnostics port? What year was your Mk7?
  6. Mk7 Tdci Tuning Box???

    Cant see the pics :-(
  7. Mk7 Tdci Tuning Box???

    No worries fella. What mods you already done?
  8. Mk7 Tdci Tuning Box???

    Same as mine, 1.6 tdci? Won't be able to find a 'plug & play' box mate due to them, i believe, being tri core ecu's = 'anti tuning software! The ECU has to be removed and split!
  9. Mk7 Tdci Tuning Box???

    What year? Is it 95 PS or 90?
  10. Fiesta 2010 Tdci, Superchips??

    Got any videos/pics? Mines got a pipercross panel filter, custom powerflow cat-back exhaust (engine wise) wanting a map. Little grumble but nothing major due to DPF:-(
  11. Fiesta 2010 Tdci, Superchips??

    That's good to hear - what gains you seen? You rolling road'd it yet? I understand all it does is loads a map on but i'd prefer that and having the option to choose eco / power! Depending on mood;-) I can't find anywhere to map it round here (scunthorpe) for a reasonable price! The thought of them having to remove the ECU and split it adds at least £250 on!
  12. Fiesta 2010 Tdci, Superchips??

    Ahh no - that's rubbish then! So i'm guessing this is just a normal remap then? Mark
  13. Fiesta 2010 Tdci, Superchips??

    Oh right! That puts my mind to rest a bit then... I'm sure i've read they come with two maps? Eco and power, and are also reversible when it goes in to the dealer;-) Think i'm going to have to invest in one! Cheers
  14. I've finally located a superchips chip for my 95bhp 1.6 TDCi mk7 Fez. Can anyone tell me if a) they are genuine, work and are trustworthy? B) if you've had any experience with them, are they worth £320? Many thanks Mark
  15. Mk7 Headunit Removal

    Hi guys Has anybody got a guide on how to remove the stereo to connect a sub? Sony headunit. Mark