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  1. Hi Ian Yes it is driving by a belt which also drives the a/c
  2. Hi all Battery light followed by the power steering and ABS lights come on this morning on my 2006 TDCI Fiesta while driving to work This afternoon it just managed to start. Most off the panel lights came on and the speedo meter also stop working as well as the trip computer. I check the voltage while the car was idling and only got 5 or 6V ???? Jump starting and idling got it up to only 10.5V ??? Are these alternators a sealed unit or can the diode pack/ voltage regulator be changed. What else can be faulty ?? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance Nico
  3. Hi Tommy. Not really an expert here but these are the fault codes I have. Sincerely hopes this help without causing U any more problems :( Error Description P0201 through to P0212 Cylinder #1 through Cylinder #12 Injector Circuits. The comprehensive component monitor (CCM) monitors the operation of the fuel injector drivers in the PCM. The test fails when the fuel injector does not operate electrically even though the harness assembly and fuel injectors test satisfactorily. Faulty fuel injector driver within the PCM. PID Data Monitor INJ1F-INJ12F fault flags = YES. Based on the above I would say faulty injector ??? Best of luck Nico. P.S. If U get it sorted will U please reply back on the forum so as to inform us.
  4. Hi Guys I just replaced the top mounting and seat on my Fezz Mk 6. Had the same creaking noise. Actually sounds like the wheel is falling out :( Once replace, problem solved :) Good luck
  5. Managed to track down the previous owner and he told me that the turbo was replaced at about 150k. Thanks for the advice guys. Regular oil change it will be then. Nutlang
  6. I`d agree with Minnis. If in doubt,change it. The cost implications is just to severe. :(
  7. No problems so far. Check out my post in the Fiesta club about turbo`s blowing.
  8. Hi all Fiesta`s maniac`s :D I recently bought a Mk 6 Fiesta with about 189k on the clock. Full service history and all. I`m hearing horror stories of turbo`s blowing due to faulty injectors ?? Number 3 usally the problem ??? My question now is how do i prevent this. What can I do to minimise this risk off this happening ??? Any advice would be highly appreciated Thanks Nutlang.
  9. Hi to all Just a posting to thank u guys for allowing me to join this club. I know that I will learn from all of U. Below is a pic of my baby a 1.6 TDCi. Recently bought and still getting to know her :) Thanks Nutlang
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums nutlang1 :)