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  1. Replacing An Alternator

    Thanks guys for the replies, will check them wires I think just to be sure, as for fitting the alternator, I reckon I'll grab a Haynes manual first..... then probably decide to have someone else do it!!! I used to like it when they left things easy to identify and easier to get at without having to rip half the engine/car away to get to it!! LOL I got a basic spanner and socket set. There's a guy around the corner who always seems to be working on cars so might see if he can do it if I bung him a few quid, no harm in asking I suppose!! Thanks
  2. Replacing An Alternator

    Hi sorry guys, knowing what car I had would help I suppose...Doh!!! It's a 2002 Mondeo 2.0TDCi 115. My battery light started to come on about a week or so ago, after a couple of days of coming on it failed to start, battery was dead. So took the battery off and gave it a full 12 hour charge. I took it to my local garage, and he tested the battery and alternator battery was fine but there was no charge coming at all from the alternator. The battery lasted about 5/6 days before I needed to recharge it, only about 11 miles. Any other time of the year I would have just paid him to put a new one on, but with christmas thought it would be best to get a refurbed/second hand one....I've seen a couple on ebay from £20-£35
  3. Replacing An Alternator

    Hi I was just wondering how hard it is to replace an alternator? Mine needs replacing but was going to get a second-hand one and have the garage fit it for me, but wondered if I would be able to do it. Is access to it from the top or bottom? I used to do most of my own repairs but that was when I had my cortina and engines where easily accessed, also because of work commitments it made it easier to drop the car off at the garage and let them do the work. Now however I like everyone else I am having to try and save money!!:-)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums shutterbugbob :)