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  1. in love with my new fiesta ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Life cannot get much better :) little man will be here soon ❤️

  3. And it's a boy ☺️ how cute!!!

  4. Dump Valve 1 Litre Ecobost Fiesta

    Well it does.. Bit chavvy.
  5. Dump Valve 1 Litre Ecobost Fiesta

    With all due respect your car looks naff.
  6. Had such a good day :) shopping and trip to the stadium to watch wales play!! oh and a free bar.. loving life!!

  7. excited for tonight ☺️

  8. Have you calmed down now? Can we speak?
  9. sitting in the doctors for 2 hours is not fun

  10. ☺️ lovely evening

  11. Time To Say Goodbye!

    Few fords ? Two. One of which you wrote off when it was less than a year old by crashing into a roundabout showing off :') lol!
  12. Time To Say Goodbye!

    And it's only because 'your' fiesta isn't even yours ;) Ford personal lease :')
  13. Time To Say Goodbye!

    Lmao someone is lying. Just spoke to Marc's mum and he hasn't put a deposit down on an Audi. Liar. :')
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums Molly2012 :)