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  1. I've always had my MOT and service combined with my previous cars. Coming up to my Fiesta's first MOT, but it's not due a service. All servicing has been with a main Ford dealer so far. I have an extended warranty with Evans Halshaw- do I need to get the MOT through a Ford dealer or can I get it done at the local garage (I'm thinking more-parts, if anything needs doing).
  2. Sandicliffe are a joke

    They did give me a reciept that said 'reversal' on it. It was explained that the money wouldn't leave my account, only they didn't know they had voided the reversal. On top of what I've said, they have refunded, I was promised a bank transfer, but then they decided to return the money to my card, so now I have to wait a few days for the money to return.
  3. Told this would be an extra £40 (3 years service), didn't have the car last service, so not sure whether it was done. My reply- I'm paying £300 for the service, if it was that important, it would be part of it. Why isn't it part of the service? I was told it was recommended by Ford.
  4. Took my Fiesta in today for its 3 year service. Firstly, had to argue with the service desk guy that I had booked it in at £288 and not £302, he was quite adamant he was right, eventually he managed to find the right price, but on his print out they were going to charge me £302. Then on collecting, paid, trying to find car (they gave me the wrong lot number!), service desk guy runs out and tells me that they have voided my transaction, grabs receipt off me and I'm marched back in like I've tried to do a runner! It is explained to me that they tried to put a another roll of paper in the machine but his mate pressed reversal by mistake. I query whether the money will be taken and then refunded in a couple of days; accounts assured me the money would never leave my account. Get home, only to find that £576 is missing from my available balance. Call back, manager out for afternoon (why are manager always out when a complaint needs to be made?), told by someone that the reversal was voided so I did actually pay the first time. So, I've paid twice for a service. To be fair, they are doing their best to rectify, but I'm £380 down due to their employees incompetence. Have to say, won't ever be using Sandicliffe again.
  5. Tyre Confusion

    The manual is just confusing- 2 options for R15s up to 100mph 1.0L Ecoboost, 185/55/R15 or All engines 195/55/R15, so the all engines are the tyres I have, but have an 1.0L ecoboost engine.
  6. Tyre Confusion

    Cheers- came with 55s, double checked on fitting companies website, most say I need 50s. At least I've booked the right ones.
  7. Tyre Confusion

    Ecoboost 1.0 Current tyres 195 55 15 H However, every website I put the registration into tells me I need: 195 50 15H Naturally, I've gone for what's already on the car, but can anyone explain the disparity, considering there is about £15 difference between the sizes. Thanks in advance
  8. Type of service

    1.0 ecoboost is 2.5 years old, had its first service on time (12 months) but then randomly had another service 6 months later (previous owner) so is due again in October. It has only done 20,000 miles, but the 3rd service should be the 36,000 mile service rather than the 25,000- which service do I need? There is a significant step-up in price at the local Ford dealerships between the 2. Also, my extra warranty with Evans Halshaw will kick in next March, I take it I'm fine having it won't void it if I get it done with another main dealer?
  9. I'm getting a creaking sound from the rear passenger side when coming off a road hump. The sound happens when coming down the hump rather than going up but doesn't always happen. Anyone got any ideas? 14 plate, ecoboost (100)
  10. Bluetooth As Standard?

    Think I've found it with ICE Feature pack 11. Thanks
  11. Bluetooth As Standard?

    Okay, just looked on the Etis website and it states: Less Bluetooth With Media Gateway Module Less bluetooth Nothing about Ford Sync Bluetooth isn't a major thing for me, but I want to let the dealer know I'n not happy if it is missing.
  12. Bluetooth As Standard?

    Hi all Have just bought a 14 plate Zetec 1L 100 ecoboost and have a quick question: Will this car have bluetooth? I completely forgot to check (I was so taken by the engine). I remember having a courtesy car in the same trim, but different engine and it kept telling me it couldn't connect, on my test drive today I don't recall this happening. The dealer's advert says it has but I don't trust that and looking around at other adverts for similar cars, some say they do, some don't. I know it's a bit silly as I can call them in the morning, but would like to know before I go to bed. Thanks for your help.
  13. Strange Behavior

    But with mine it didn't give the right code, only false ones, which I had the garage sort, cost me a lot of money for nothing. There won't be a code to tell you the connector between the loom and the coil pack is loose. Take it to an autoelectrician, apparently it is a common problem on Fords and the misfires started a month after the first limp mode. My engine is the same as yours BTW.
  14. Strange Behavior

    I had this problem last year and you waxed lyrical about how it was the Ti-VCT and would cost £100s to replace! :-) But anyway, this time last year, I started to get intermittent limp modes, no codes, had plugs and coil pack changed, came back a few weeks later. Threw up a code of pedal sensor, had this changed, then it came back again, so I took it too a electric specialist who diagnosed it was a problem with the loom into the coil pack, as Ford make the wires too short so it wasn't connecting properly. They made me a new one (ford charge £400!) and it hasn't missed a beat since. I'll also say the engine became very sluggish and started misfiring after a while too. If the problem persists I'd definitely look at this possibility before throwing money at it.
  15. I'd hardly say rare, have uncovered lots of them during my search and there is more than that one example that is being described as an 'ecoboost'- funnily enough all by Ford franchise dealerships.