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  1. RT @FlopFootballer: Argélico !Removed! Brazilian one cap wonder who once transferred to Benfica which inspired this headline from EuroSport. ht…

  2. It's a total pain, my dad helps me out with these things, might have to leave the car with him one day when I am at work
  3. Bought some today, rain has been very persistent so not been able to do a huge amount
  4. I heard a rumour ford use ngk platinum plugs are these right?
  5. I would say in my limited experience more like misfire, all but low revs are fine and it has plenty of power. My fiat did the low on power thing and it is nothing like that
  6. Hi all hoping you can help me out with my 1.4 mk 1, it runs sweet at high revs, rev too low and it jerks. I have taken it to my dad (ex mechanic and mk2 owner) and within 5 mins of a drive round town he has concluded spark plugs or ht leads, a google search has suggested possible coil pack needed. I am taking it too my dad tomorrow to get it checked over in the light (if it's plugs I will fit platinum, leads are a maintenance item etc) Anyone any other suggestions of what it could be? Suffered the same thing?
  7. World just beginning for me I had my new car delivered to my parents place, got my insurance transferred and today I am off to pick it up
  8. Agreed, streaming via bluetooth is not a great idea
  9. Lizzie (Labrador) is transported in a focus with a dog guard which I think came from the local ford dealer
  10. I need ideas for a name for mine y reg focus 1.4 cl with Ncb as letters on plate?
  11. Today I find out if the dvla are based around logic- not holding out much hope

  12. @flatapex I normally retweet or am sarcastic
  13. Its had the oil sorted (I am buying the car from my mechanic who is also a friend of my dad's) my dad is also a former mechanic (and also former rally driver from the 70s- one of his cars back then was a mk2 escort) Its on 82k at the moment, also had a new clutch and cambelt in the last 12 months, bodywork is having every little imperfection sorted out in January (at my mechanic's expense) and it is in really nice condition. Hopefully it will be a loyal workhorse, my previous car was a fiat stilo which I owned for 8 1/2 years
  14. Oooooh thanks mate Dont suppose anyone knows what ios version is needed? I have a 4 and will not upgrade to ios6 after if it made a pig's ear of my sister in laws phone (and being an ex device technician I was expected to be able to fix it)
  15. Hi all my name is Andy (also known on here and twitter as flatapex) I will hopefully be driving my new focus from friday, it is currently at a local garage/bodyshop sat waiting to be insured/picked up/the last of the purchase paid. its a y reg focus 1.4 mk1, I come from a family of ford owners, my dad has a classic rochdale gt (1950's kit car with an engine from a ford popular) and a 1.6 focus mk2 and my mum has a fiesta on a 61 plate on motability, fiancee drives a fiat (same as i used to) but has owned a fiesta mk3 and a ka before.