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  1. Electric Window Problem

    Hi Guys, I have a 2000 fiesta zetec s . When I lower the passenger side window (electric) , It makes a clunking noise and pauses for a split second before lowering. I thought it maybe the weather-strips but changed them and is not. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  2. Rear Window De Mister Not Working

    yes , ive just seen the same one paul, although it states that its for models up untill august 2000, mine was made after. they seem hard to find.
  3. Rear Window De Mister Not Working

    thanks paul, just put some wd40 on and managed to get it out but ny the looks of it the spring has gone. What would be the correct wording to search for it on ebay? Thanks by the way
  4. Rear Window De Mister Not Working

    ah well like i said only 3 on the boot door are sticking out, is there a fix or do i buy a new one?
  5. Rear Window De Mister Not Working

    hi paul, erm the boot has two conections , one either side that are kinda welded to the screen but i also have the 4 pronged spring terminal when the boot closes although only 3 of them are standing proud, not sure if that makes any difference?
  6. Hi guys, im new to here so please be gentle lol i have a 2000 fiesta zetec se which i love dearly but as winter has come i have just realised that my rear window de mister does not work, i have checked all the fuses, the light on the switch turns on when it is pushed and i have checked if there are any breaks in the lines of the window which there are not. Any help would be greatfully accepted. thanks
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums phatdan :)