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  1. 6x9s ford puma,

    Sounds like the more sensible thing to do i suppose cheers matey :)
  2. 6x9s ford puma,

    Just bought 6x9's for the missus, but im not sure where should i put em(going in a puma) , i was going to make stealth shelf but orginal shelf look all curvy to try and match, any ideas where i can find a shelf from, or somewhere else i can put these please? (apart from the boot just threw in a 12inch compo sub from theloudest.com
  3. If your doing the speedo the surrounding has to come off, should be screws holding them in, undo them one by one, you have have to drop the steering colom if adjustable, also may need to take off the top steering colom cover, not sure if nessesary in the puma, should be staring at the speed clock once all removed, should be 2 screws holding the clock in one on each side, once undone pull the clock out towards you slowly(may need a tug) once the clock out behind it are L.e.d bulbs that twist out (be sure to take the rite ones out, i say test on one two then slot back in dash to make sure its the rite ones then go from there, any probs ask :P