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  1. I’m after a st150 rear axle stub for the near side(uk passengers side), anyone know where I can get one? It seems they are few and far, literally can’t find one anywhere! I believe these are the same on the st170.
  2. Do you know if this is happening when it is hot?I have a MK6 and found that the I needed to put copper grease on part of the linkage as it was getting very stiff when hot.
  3. Yes had two Zetec-S’s and one had heated screen, the other has auto lights wipers etc 👍. I believe the only heated front seats came in the ST500, think that has a slightly different alternator to support the load on the seats.
  4. I’m confident that none of the MK6’s came with LED daytime running lights, I expect these are after market, hence nothing in the hand book. Have you got a picture? Isetta is correct, if an LED fails on any lights normally you have to replace the entire unit. Or if your brave then remove the PCB and solder a new LED to the board.
  5. Yeah should just be a straight swap so long as the seats come from a MK6 into a MK6. 👍 You will need to isolate/disconnect the battery to prevent the safety restraint warning light coming on, or just rest it if you have the kit to do so.
  6. I could be wrong as I have a MK6 but I think you have to hold down the switch for a period of time like 10, 20 or 30 seconds to reactivate them.
  7. Check all of your pcv valves and hoses. (mine had) Im aware that the breather hoses split and then that can cause a loss of power and even limp mode. I have a 1.6 Duratec and never owned a ST15 I’m not sure where these are. Have a look online for the Crank ventilation/breather hose and the inlet manifold breather too. maybe worth checking the pcv valves also.
  8. Hi all. Having a few weird issues with my car. Randomly it won’t lock as it thinks the drivers door is open. On occasions if you open the passengers window (with the switch on the passengers side) it will show a message saying drivers door open and the cabin light comes on. The button On the dash to release the boot Sometimes doesn’t work, again intermittent. At first I thought it was the sensor in the drivers door but I think is is bigger than that. As I mentioned above using the passengers window switch causing the drivers door open error? it feels li
  9. Ok, so I'll get a pack of new fuses. Any my ideas on what fuse it could be?
  10. Hi guys, Sorry if this is in the wrong place! yesterday I removed a few fuses to find the one that had blown (cigarette lighter) and replaced rear break light. Since then the car won't start, Power is fine - cabin lights and external s are ok car locks and unlocks When I insert the key nothing happens (can't even roll he windows down when the key is in position 1). Normally I would get the mpg and a noise from the ?fule pump? I don't get anything. Tried additional power pack in case Pressed the big yellow reset button behin
  11. Sorry, yeah coolant it on the max marker. Replaced that about a year ago and the temperature needle stays slap bang central 99% of the time. Excluding cold starts obviously.
  12. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replys, sorry for the late response! I only had this once so don't think it's a massive issue, HOWEVER. now that we have the cold weather I've found that the car is unhappy starting when bellow 1-2 degrees centigrade, I have to give about half gas (not ideal taking it up to 3,000 immediately on such a cold start) otherwise it stalls about 2 seconds later. I think this could be the sensor Phil mentioned, as the fule/air mixture wold be different for a cold start along with the temperature. Its going for diagnostics on Saturday so hopefully not a e
  13. HI I have the same car, I had this morning. did you ever resolve this? Thanks
  14. Just got here, queues alreadseen a couple of hidden cameras so be carfull! :D
  15. DIBS on an end pitch!! track time booked so need to get in and out :) aiming to be there for 7 or shortly after. Spent the day cleaning and detailing the fez ready for tomorrow :D See you all tomorrow
  16. Ryanstanley4


    From the album: Ford Fair 2015

    Waxed and detailed the Fezza ready for tomorrows 5AM start to get to Silverstone XD
  17. Hi Both, im worrying about time and traffic so im going to head straight there, sorry! :( think i would have made more of an effort if there was a few more! see you tomorrow !!! :D
  18. Ryanstanley4

    WP 000055

    Ever do you main lights?
  19. Why everyone moaning about the stickers? yes there external but look fine! If everyone moans about them they wont send any out next year! :P
  20. Ok I'll come to gate T and then work it out from there. Can't wait!!!! XD
  21. What time do the gates close for people on the stand?
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