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  1. Difference Between Mki & Mkii Focus

    Thanks guys for the additional details, I have established that i have the MKI registered on the 30/04/2004. As this is a second car mainly for the wife,I need it up to spec, i need to get some work done on it. Been looking at engine sumps on ebay, where i found a chap with 100% feedback selling various parts and also what i need, as these sumps are around a £100 to buy new from other sources, i just wondered if buying the sump off ebay stated as new for £50, would it be up to speck or could it be a thinner build, any suggestions?.
  2. Difference Between Mki & Mkii Focus

    Thanks Clive, Trying to establish if mine is MKI or MKII, according to your images, its a MKI, new to Focus so was finding it hard. Is there any difference on the rear would you know ?. Regards..
  3. Trying to identifier the difference between a MKI 2004 & MKII 2004 Focus, can some one educate me please..
  4. Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci Any Issues

    Hi. Just what i done with the Pajero..
  5. Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci Any Issues

    Thanks John, Have had some run in's with a EGR valve before, but not on the Ford, it was with my Pajero, which after a little TLC has been sorted and runs real good now. The only issue i have had so far is a rattle in the front area, certainly not from the engine, but possibly from one of the joints, perhaps needs a rubber replacment... The Focus is going in for a full service Friday, so hopfully all will get sorted then.
  6. Hi all. Just purchased a 2004 Focus 1.8 TDCi 5 dr Ghia, with 69000 on the clock. not much service history, decent car, needs some TLC to the body, minor scratches and good clean inside. I do intend to take it to my local garage to have a full engine service , but mean while would like to know if anyone knows of any issues or anything to look out for with the this model. Thanks.
  7. Hi All

    Being the owner of a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi Ghia 2004, just wanted to say hi and hopefully i will find the topics interesting and helpful, picking up tips as i go along..i will most likly be placing some questions to get to know the car better. anyway, HellOoooo and regards. Tony
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums On Focus :)