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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing this info that is very enlightening and explains my issue. Yes my old unit was FORD 75MT- 14A073-CE. I actually removed the newer Gem unit myself on Saturday from breakers yard that's how I know it was definitely taken from a 59 plate focus but the titanium model. Perhaps the previous owner of breakers car had upgraded the Gem to that unit. I had removed a gem with exact same reference numbers to my old one first before seeing that on. I may just nip back in and pick it up. That elmconfig does look very handy. I tried to use elmconfig but guessing it needs a different c
  2. Is this what you were referring to regards the IR receiver ? It came from same year car but titanium model
  3. Hiya, I had nipped out and replaced the Gem with the one in pic before seeing your reply. I saved the original AS built data to it and it seems to have worked so far. All the the doors now lock and unlock using the key in driver door. This is fantastic result as doors have been deadlocked for couple months. The remote locking doesn't do anything though. Is there something I need to do that will reinstate this ?
  4. Hi All, To try to discount the gem itself as being the fault I sourced a replacement gem module. It has the matching reference numbers but with the higher spec two end letters to give option of adding more features as advised. I am raring to go with my OBDlink EX and forscan extended licence etc. I have already saved the current gem modules AS built data. Is it now just a matter of physically replacing old module with new (with battery disconnected and charge drained) 😀 then writing the saved file to new gem module ?
  5. Hiya, I had gem off and in house few weeks ago as that was suggested before definitely no corrosion on pins and all fuses were fine. I replaced the few that related to central locking with new ones anyway. Yes totally agree I need to concentrate on all wires relating to central locking its pinpointing which ones those are I'm struggling with. Its great help you discounted that connector as it was certainly throwing me off the scent. The answer does lie within the gem and its wiring/connectors if I can get hands on a diagram of that it will go a long way to solving this. Is there an accessible
  6. Yep I know its far from ideal would prefer to explore with battery disconnected. The problem is Im trying to recreate and locate the problem wire in live. One of the wires when pressed opened every door for first time in 2 months. I thought it was the cable I pictured but not getting it to repeat so as it stands all passenger doors remain locked. Can I ask where did you get the info on that wires routing and does it show what it relates to other than interior light ? Basically I am trying to identify which of all the wires entering the gem unit have a part to play in central locking. At lea
  7. Hiya, The connector I was referring to was fits into the top left of attached pic and has 3 wires. This was the one I believed was actuating the locks when I twisted it the other day. All the doors unlocked but I have since done same and cannot get it to repeat so beginning to doubt myself. Is that the connector you were referring to ? I cannot find anything online to identify what that connector relates to. I have also noticed that on the underside of this same module facing the floor there are another two connectors. I found when I release and re-insert one of them the driver door lock click
  8. Hiya, Yes interior lights work fine. The top left of gem unit is where this connector fits. I'm trying to work out where the cable from this connector goes to. If I can find where it ends up I can hopefully find a way to rewire it.
  9. Hi again, For the life of me I cannot see where the other end of this 3 wired cable goes to. Does anyone know if the 3 wires go into the big blue C90 connector or do they go elsewhere ? 🤔
  10. I managed to find the no start issue it was the large blue C90 connector. Even though it was locked down as per pic it couldn't have been seated correctly. I took it off again and seen that one of the pins wasn't sitting straight up so tweaked it into line refitted and it back in business. I'm delighted this mishap happened as whilst trying to resolve it I actually found by total chance what I believe may be the root cause for original central locking fault. It seems to be down to a wiring loom within passenger fuse box. The connection itself is secure but I found when I twisted the loom
  11. Hi All, Really need some advice. I Didn't even get as far as reading the car this time. I decided to double check wiring connections were tight beforehand just one last time. This time i went into engine bay fuse box. I unclipped the harness in pic and reinserted it. I then removed and reinserted the two relays bottom right corner of pic. All seemed fine and secure so went back in to the car only to find it would not start. Nothing whatsoever not engaging starter or turning over just nothing. A message on info screen says transmission malfunction. I then plugged in the odblink EX opened forsc
  12. Hi All finally getting round to addressing this one. I now have the connector and downloaded the software etc. Not showing any faults relating to the gem module but not sure if it would register anything. I can see the ASbuilt section. I firstly want to refresh it to see if it makes any difference. Do I just open the gem ASbuilt file and select write to refresh it ? If it makes no difference the plan is to source a compatible fuse box from breakers yard and code it to car. Im guessing I need to somehow save the Asbuilt file and write it to the new unit. Any tips links or guidance would be very
  13. My OBDLINK EX will arrive today and just want to make sure I have everything I need. I have downloaded FORScan and also OBDwiz. Is it just a matter of plug and play from then on or do I need to do anything else ?
  14. Hi Botus, I had decided to play safe and go with your USA link you sent then interestingly noticed the address and contact is exact same as this amazon seller. I had already contacted scantool USA yesterday regarding an order but no response yet. It looks like they are one and the same .
  15. Hi, Thanks again for getting back to me. Yes tried all combinations with remote definitely cant resolve it that way. The tool in your link is for USA store so ive been looking for uk supplier. Ive found this on amazon which seems to have great reviews and similar to your model. Do you reckon this would do the job or can you recommend one available from a uk provider ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B081VQVD3F/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3IQPNIJ75LWVW&psc=1
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