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  1. Hi Del, I gave it a go and removed the starter but still had limited access to the sensor. To be fair Its probably not the best job to attempt lying on the driveway in wind and rain. Strange thing is once I put it all back togather the car started. Im guessing wiggling the sensor wires must have helped. I drove it straight to my mate at local garage to get him to fit it for me. He put it up onto the ramps and got to same stage as me.He then tried for at least 15 mins to get at sensor before giving up and putting on hold until morning. I bet he will be checking forums tonight :D Has anyone found an easier way to get at it ?
  2. Hi delboy, Yes i seen that page earlier but it doesnt look anything like my ford ka engine. I can only see the wires leading to my sensor if I look downwards at an angle into front of the engine. Im struggling to work out how to get at it. Hopefully someone on here has done this before and can show me how its done.
  3. Hi, Has anyone replaced the crankshaft sensor in frord ka 1.3 53 reg (newer Duratec engine) ? If so what is easiest way to do it ? Ive shone my torch at it from every direction trying to work out how to get at it. I believe its sitting just above the starter motor on front of engine. Do I need to remove starter motor or remove bumper ?
  4. Battery Light / Voltage Readings

    Yes it does it runs fine and I drove 6 miles earlier. Ive just checked it again and it went through same scenario. Ive just noticed something weird though. Once I turn off ignition and engine shuts down there is a strange noise that lasts for about 5 seconds or so. Its hard to explain but sounds like a flapping or twisting rubber sound.Ive tried a few times and the lingering noise is always present on shutdown. Any ideas ?
  5. Battery Light / Voltage Readings

    Hi all, I managed to get hold of a replacement plug from scrapyard. I connected it to existing wires plugged it in and the car started.(Battery light still illuminates but at least its starting now) The main problem I have now though is that once it starts it really struggles to reach tick over. If i touch accelerator it just cuts out. I have to start it leave it churning over and wait on it gaining a regular tick over speed. Once its running it drives relatively fine. Can anyone suggest the most likely cause ? Help me get it running for christmas
  6. Battery Light / Voltage Readings

    Hi stoney, The alternator on mine is identicle to one in picture above with the same connector.Im guessing its original
  7. Battery Light / Voltage Readings

    I managed to get picture of another Ka owners car showing the plug with wires connected .Mine is same but my 3 wires have been snipped clean. I will need to get a replacement plug for mine to see if it solves my issue. Is there any way I can test if the smartcharge is working by checking any of the 3 cut wires ? ( Just in case Im wasting my time and money getting a plug ) .
  8. Battery Light / Voltage Readings

    Thanks stef ! Would I be correct in saying that the car charging system will still function with this disconnected ? Is only downside that the battery light will remain illuminated and car gets slightly less cranking power ? The car wouldnt start today (and coughed a bit yesterday) despite seemingly plenty cranking power . I appreciate its not ideal but does that mean that I can continue with the current alternator setup and start looking at plugs leads or crankshaft sensor to identify the starting issue ?
  9. Battery Light / Voltage Readings

    Hi all, I think Ive identified at least part of the problem. Theres a cable with 3 wires coming the wiring loom towards alternator but they arent connected to anything. I think they should connect to the plug sitting on alternator. Can anyone do me a huge favour and send me a picture of what the plug should look like ? Im not sure if the wires should go directly onto the plug thats there or if there is a top part connector missing from that plug. A picture of the alternator connector would make it all clear for me. Hope someone can help
  10. Battery Light / Voltage Readings

    Thanks for quick reply ! It actually sounds like the alternator is working fine as the voltage wouldnt increase if it were faulty.The guy in video confirms this. Im going to see how long the battery holds its charge for to see if there is a problem. Are there any common wiring / fuse faults to check on ford Ka ?
  11. Hi all. I have just bought a 53 plate ford Ka 1.3 today. The only fault I can find is that the battery warning light is constantly illuminated. I checked the battery voltage and it was 12.7 with ingition off. Once running it goes up to exactly 14 volts and stays there. Do these readings fall into the expected bracket for healthy circuit ? What voltage would it normally dip to when engine is turning over ? Are there any other checks I should be making to identify the problem ? The car was sold as seen so Ive no issue whatsoever with this I just want to rectify the fault. Any help and advice would be very welcome
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums GR8GUY :)