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  1. New Tyres and 4 Wheel alignment

    usually around £30-40 to do one axle, so maximum you should spend is 80 for front/rear
  2. You might struggle finding one for 2k. I sold my 2006 1.8 TDCI with 164k on the clock for 1.5k on the weekend.
  3. Future Classic?

    its due to age, usually 100k or 10 years, whichever comes first. the belt goes brittle over time just like rubber hoses, pipes so it can either break due to wear, or break due to age
  4. Future Classic?

    Yep as arthur said a car that old with such low mileage is actually worse than a car with higher mileage. shows its been sitting around too much and those bushings wont be feeling too good
  5. Car won't start after DMF and clutch change

    if you removed the fuel line from the fuel filter then it looks to me like there is air in the system and needs a good bleeding, one way is to get the car starting on easy start and floor the pedal until you feel that you have taken over with the fuel injectors and not the easy start spray.
  6. Rear wheel bearing

    use SKF or OEM wheel bearings
  7. Very Low Mpg - Computer Diagnostic Results

    Seems about right for a small engine in a big car
  8. Focus Diesel Problems-Car Lagging

    yes definately do that too, most bank for your buck upgrade you can do
  9. Focus Diesel Problems-Car Lagging

    do you know when the fuel filter has last been changed? if you dont know i would advise changing that first and see if it improves
  10. Diesel Injector Options?

    as far as i know there are no aftermarket options for these injectors. only options are used ones or new/remanufactured Siemens VDO injectors
  11. Focus Windscreen Replacement

    i stood right there watching when mine was being replaced, make sure they put a nice gob of sealant around the glass and that there is no gaps left around it. and the surface is free of rust. also keep an eye on the foam/rubber pad along the bottom and make sure its straight when the windscreen is installed
  12. Yep, had a look this morning when i filled up to confirm.
  13. the door is locked with the central locking, when the car is locked so is the door. the filler cap is always unlocked
  14. Ford Audio

    which android headunit was it? if it has the option to use the ACC wire, use that instead of the CANBUS option.
  15. Loss Of Power (Limp Home) 1.8 Lx Tdci Diesel

    this is what you need. http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_mk2_fuel_filter_element_18l_diesel_2005-2008_f_1352443_c_424.htm only get genuine ford you want, fordpartsUK are the cheapest ive found. the dealer parts shop will sell for 40+ as for your VIN, Its fine in ETIS so i wont worry about what the fordpartsuk guy said, hes gotten a few things wrong for me too before http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do;jsessionid=562812B306A03923BFF3C902BECEF68F.eccvas502