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  1. Happy Birthday Johannapam1!

  2. Gendan Diags Packages For Pc

    This is the link. http://www.gendan.co.uk/category_126.html
  3. Gendan Diags Packages For Pc

    Has anyone used or owned this: Advanced fault diagnostics for Ford cars Available from Gendan at £380 odd Where is the connector in both a 2012 Fiesta and a 2012 Focus. Thanks
  4. 2013 Upgrades

    +1 Regards John
  5. 2013 Upgrades

    If you are referring to the Climaire window deflectors - I have a full set fitted on my Focus and they do not make a noise nor do they prevent the windows closing? Thoroughly recommend them. Regards John
  6. Seat Covers For 2008 Ford Focus

    All the best - there are a number of options with this company at different prices - should find something you like.
  7. Seat Covers For 2008 Ford Focus

    JC Seat covers - I am in the process of ordering at the moment. http://www.jcseatcovers.co.uk/car_seat_covers_90.html
  8. Focus Titanium X Usb Switches Back To Radio???

    I have the same issue - it sometimes switches back but not always. I don't have a phone connected. I just press the "aux" button and the USB initiates again. Regards John
  9. Starting Problem 1.6 Powershift.

    I have the Ford assist and I believe it is the AA. Regards John
  10. 2013 Upgrades

    Sorry you lost them Hassen- thanks for info. I have fitted mine now and they really do look quite nice. Regards John
  11. Dpf Regeneration

    Thanks cuke Regards John
  12. Dpf Regeneration

    Thanks Stoney871 Regards John
  13. Dpf Regeneration

    Thanks jeebowhite - that's why I have not noticed anything. I use SMC in Sittingbourne - my wife has had two Fiesta's from them over the past 8yrs and they have taken care of both extremely well. I bought the new Fiesta and my Focus in December last year from them and I have a very good relationship with Sales, parts and Service - this probably helps in the level of Customer service I get - that and the £36k I spent in December of course. I used Dagenham Motors for my Wife's first Fiesta about 12yrs ago and I was not at all impressed with them. As I say it WAS 12yrs ago - plus it's too far away. Thanks again for your reply on DPF Regards John
  14. Dpf Regeneration

    How do you know when it is regenerating? I have a Diesel - but cant say I have ever noticed anything? Regards John
  15. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    I have keyless entry and very occasionally I have to try twice - usually when it is wet. When I exit I press my thumb twice on the door handle contact to double lock it. On return I just grab the handle (front or rear) and it unlocks. John