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  1. hey guys i have the focus st now and have to replace both passenger and driver side lower arms on the suspension I'm wondering if you would no if they are normal focus ones our special focus st ones as all the parts shops say they are but can't gaurentey it so wonderd if you would have any clues? cheers
  2. ok mate i don't really have the skills or time to do that also would you have any idea why the gear box is stiff when cold? seems to be a problem witht he sts iv read on forums but i wanna no if it can be sorted? cheers
  3. hey guys I'm new on here I'm in process of swopping my audi a3 2.0tdi 2004 for a 2006 focus st 3 it has a few minor issues such as the srs light is on he says the clutch is on it way out but isn't slipping yet its done 39,000 miles has 4 months mot and 6 months tax want to no weather you guys can advise me on weather to go a head and do it? cheers :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums quaggy :)