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  1. Squeaky Gear Stick

    Hi, It's a winter thing. Completely disappears in the summer. I think it is a batch fault and is infuriating. Cheers
  2. New Stereo Released!

    Windows CE 6
  3. New Stereo Released!

    You can yes
  4. New Stereo Released!

    Hey guys, No development unfortunately. Product is great as my brother has one, but I am starting to lose faith in 2009-2010 version coming out in next couple of months. Apparantly they are focusing on upgrading all the S60 models (that horrible multi-coloured clunky model) up to S100 (for all cars). After that I think they will then manufactuer the cable and extras for our car. I don't think its just the cable holding them back. I think they programmed the Fiesta 2011 model to work with the original tall screen and cars original bluetooth. They don't really get many people hasseling them but If more people like me do on a monthly basis they might prompt 1 team to work on this asap. Get emailing: bob@witson.com Thanks Bobby
  5. New Stereo Released!

    I know this seen the tutorials in previous topics, however unsure if this affects the control cables of this unit. The cable splits off into many different unique male connectors. These unit connections aren't as standard as the brands you may get in halfords. Or the Ford to Ford units. They are manufactured in a very specific way. Don't know what affect changed the connector shape is going to have.
  6. New Stereo Released!

    I also want this for my 59 reg fiesta. With regards to "shape" do you mean the car. If so 58 - 2012 are the same shape. 2013 that new grill thing? The connections and canbus has been manufactured for 2011 onwards. They are however currently adapting the unit for use with 2009 - 2010 models. Email Witson, more pressure may mean quicker results with the cable for 2009-2010 fiestas.
  7. New Stereo Released!

    Although I have seen this on other forums, I am lead to believe that the cable they have manufactured it for is strictly for 2011 not 2010. I understand what you are saying with the physical shape but I think its something to do with the Canbus. If you could find out from witson if its just a shape issue we could all bang our heads together again.
  8. Fiesta Mk6 Triple Deck Stereo Removal

    Used a small hack saw blade they are not difficult to remove. Sanded down so almost flush. Be creative you may have something that gives plastic a shiny touch. Don't ask me what I'm just throwing things out there
  9. New Stereo Released!

    The stereo buttons, volume, menu, radio etc are made to work with the new unit as are the steering wheel controls. Not sure what you meant in your last comment. Basically my understanding is they have produced the cables and canbus to work with post 2011+ controls and sizes. But they understand it would be silly not to work on a cable fit for older models and there is a massive market.
  10. New Stereo Released!

    Let us know when you get it I'm just waiting for them to adapt the cable
  11. New Stereo Released!

    Witson one is great in all honesty. First hand experience, can't say more than that. Can control playlists to add that one.
  12. Fiesta Mk6 Triple Deck Stereo Removal

    There isn't no sorry. It's a flaw that Ford quickly rectified and put in a standard double din size unit. I followed the tutorial in my partners looks top notch.
  13. New Stereo Released!

    iPhone works. It's fully iPod ready. It wouldn't work with one and not another.
  14. Fiesta Mk6 Triple Deck Stereo Removal

    You will still need to cut the trim to fit this. I have this installed. This goes in place when the black bars are cut away.
  15. Fiesta Mk6 Triple Deck Stereo Removal

    How do you mean put on the original fascia when you have to cut it. You would have to have a fascia which wraps around the heater controls and stretches to the glove box etc. Look at the video.