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  1. Focus Misfiring When Accelerating

    thanks mark, i'll take it for a run later and see how it goes, they said to bring it back if it carries on.
  2. Focus Misfiring When Accelerating

    thanks, it only seems to do it at the start of a journey, after a bit of a run the engine evens out again, the mechanics said that becuse of the broken front pipe the engine wasnt getting ebough power that could cause it to misfire, the engine light is off now. its a bit scary at junctions and roundabouts when you need to pull of quick but the thing wont go!
  3. Hi all, My focus 02 has been juddering for a few weeks while accelerating, mainly in the mornings. on the way to work this morning it was juddering badly and the engine management light was flashing. i took it to a garage and they put the diagnostics on it but nothing came up, they checked under the car and my front exhaust needed replacing, the mechanics said that it might fix the problem, im concerned that the misfiring will continue, any ideas? p.s had the spark plugs changed about 8 months ago and the coil pack replaced about 3 and a half years ago cheers, Daz
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums razza :)