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  1. I have a rear wheel bearing that needs replacing. The task itself is not that difficult but I'm trying to find a supplier of the hub assembly including the bearing. The price I have from a Ford dealer is 117.50 + VAT. There are hub assemblies for sale on Ebay but they vary from 37 pound to 110 pound. Are they worth buying from Ebay and are they of good quality or can anyone recommend a supplier? thanks in advance.
  2. Sudden Condensation Inside All Windows

    It does seem a bit odd that I hadn't experienced the problem before now and suddenly I'm getting alot of condensation.
  3. I have a Ford Focus 2006 hatchback and since last Tueday ihas developed bad condensation on the windows. I have checked the cioolant level and its fine. The heater is blowing at the correct temperatures. The aircon appears to be working although it doesnt clear the windscreen as well as it used to. One other thing, I popped in to Tesco and when i came out ten minutes later the inside of the car was all steamed up. Any suggestions?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums fosjoh3 :)