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  1. Air Filter Location (2001)

    It took me a few weeks to get around to trying this. It turns out that the procedure is a lot simpler than the instructions given above. Take a look at Image 1 and locate it's position under your car hood. The air cleaner filter is located under this area, simply remove the 6 screws and lift up the plastic lid. - Matthew
  2. Air Filter Location (2001)

    I know! Thanks again SierraYankee99. - Matthew
  3. Air Filter Location (2001)

    Thank you for your reply SierraYankee99. Just two things: Where did you get this detailed information? This seems fairly involved! Is it not supposed to be far more simple to change an air filter? I'm not questioning your knowledge it's just I'm a complete newbie! - Matthew
  4. Air Filter Location (2001)

    Hi, I'm having trouble locating the air filter on my 01 Fiesta Ghia. I have the Haynes manual (3397) and it tells me that the air filter should be located in one of the following places: - left-hand front corner of the engine compartment - over the top of the engine on later 1.25 litre Zetec-SE Engines I can't find it in either of these places - unless i'm mis-interpreting "over the top of the engine". Some other forum said that the filter was behind the window wiper rod but this is the pollen filter and not the air filter. Here are some images of the engine: 1: Image 1 2: Image 2 3: Image 3 4: Image 4 5: Image 5 In image 2 you can see that there is a void in the left hand front corner. In image 3 you can see the flap for the pollen filter. Maybe I should mention that the car has air conditioning?? I just can't seem to find it! Any help is much much appreciated. It's driving me crazy! Thanks in advance. - Matthew
  5. Fiesta Zetec S 1.25L Engine

    Fiesta Zetec S 1.25L Engine