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  1. Mondeo Dtc 9318

    Coolant level is fine, looks like I'll have to change the temp sensor, from looking round I see there's two temp sensors, obviously I'll need the one that relates to the dash. Which from what I've read is the easier of the two. But had anyone got a pic of the location as I can only find details on the diesel. Thanks
  2. Mondeo Dtc 9318

    It seems to be an intermittent problem, just been out again and it's working fine now!
  3. Mondeo Dtc 9318

    By the way I've done the dash test and the gauge works fine also heaters blow hot
  4. Mondeo Dtc 9318

    Ok I've ordered that and changed the battery, the light is now off but… Now the temp gauge isn't working its moving only slightly. At first I thought it was overcooling but after taking it for a drive, I turned the ignition off and then on and the temp gauge went up to half then slowly dropped down!? Any ideas?
  5. Mondeo Dtc 9318

    Are these universal, would this one be fine http://r.ebay.com/lswcf6 Would the light not turn itself off when the voltage rises? I've also read disconnecting the battery for 30+ minutes will reset them, would it be with trying this in the mean time? Could there be a problem with the alternator as it must be working to some extent as it wouldn't start the first time until it had a good run. Are alternators an all or nothing thing or will it gradually give up? If that makes sense…
  6. Mondeo Dtc 9318

    Hello all, I'm new here!! Have been having a read through the forum and finding some very helpful bits. I've just brought a mondeo today after my last car give up on me. I thought a mondeo, can't go far wrong there… I've got a 2001 2.0 litre (petrol) zetec. Driving home I was dead chuffed drove lovely especially for the price. I get home and see the engine management light lit up. After doing some searching I found out I could check for errors with the trip comp. did that fine and found this error. DTC 9318 I've found out this means battery voltage low. When I brought the car he did say it had been standing for a while, and he had to use a battery charger to get it going. Obviously as whenever you buy a car there was no petrol. So I drive to a petrol station about 10 min away and after filling up it won't start. I manage to get someone to give me a jump and drive home about 20 miles away in slow traffic. This is when I seen the light. The battery has enough power to start car fine now. But my question is should The battery not be charged by now? Also should I charge it or just leave it a while? Thanks
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums HEMO1987 :)