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  1. Hi I've not read every single reply on here but I had a similar jerking on my car. Started off intermittent and got worse. Turned out to be a clogged fuel filter. no idea if this helps or not.
  2. Very good points! thanks a didn't think to check that! Still a very good product that means no having to mess around with splicing wires together and risking getting un tested dodgy items from fleabay!
  3. So I fitted a generic in car crash cam (collision cam, front facing camera, car camera what ever you want to call it) and when fitting it I found it only came with a cigarette lighter plug. Very annoying when I want to wire it straight to hot power! after much research it was looking like I needed to buy a piggy back fuse from eBay and an auxiliary cigertte lighter and couple the two together. How ever!! I went to Halfords today on the off chance they might have another solution and they did! They have just taken delivery of 'Next Base Car Camera Hardware Kit' This is a piggy pack fuse (comes in both sizes of fuses) coupled to a (what I assume is a voltage regulator) then with a 4 meter mini usb cable! I was pretty amazed as I haven't seen these on the internet! Fitted the cable as was all up and running in less than 30 minutes! Luckily I already knew the cable route and the trim panels to take off etc! Still thought I'd let you all know its a brilliant product and I bet they will sell a load to these and its only £10!! I have no affiliation to Halfords or Nextbase this is only a personal oppinion
  4. Cigerette Lighter Interferance

    which wires?
  5. Hello all. Had this problem for some time now and its getting increasingly frustrating When ever I plug anything into my cigarette lighter socket it throws the radio signal way out! It makes it almost impossible to listen to the radio, its as if it isn't tuned in properly but when I try to change the tuning it won't pick anything up at all. also if I am listening to anything through my aux jack there is interference which seems to change along with the engine revs. Wondered if anyone else had had this problem or might be able to advise how to fix it? my guess is some form of ground loop but not sure where to start looking. Thanks!
  6. Windscreen Wipers Not Working

    so I went to a garage. They stripped out a control unit from in the dash board and found it absolutely dripping with water and green and furry all over from where its been wet for a while. Apparently ford know about this issue and the water comes from condensation from the AC. New unit has been fitted which the garage tells me has been redesigned by ford to stop the issue happening again. all in all over £500 to fix!! not pleased as its a known fault! shorly this is the sort of thing that a recall should of happened for?!
  7. Dab Radio With Monitor For Rear Camera

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121444691945?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Depending on what focus you have. That link might help. Defo check through fleabay there is quite a lot on there.
  8. Hi Everyone Bit of an odd one. I turned on the car today and used it for a couple of short trips after is had been sat for 3 days. When I went to try and clear the windscreen of water I found that the Windscreen wipers won't move! When I move the stalk I hear a click coming from the relay and I checked the fuse which was fine. I think it might be the battery as when I checked it it only had 14v coming off of it (I thought it should be 16v coming from it?) Everything else in the car works fine how ever, including rear wiper and washers. Lights (dipped, high and sidelights) radio, interior lights, central locking (well sort of its been dodgy for a while as the remote only seems to work when it wants to other wise I have to put the key in the door). The car starts fine straight away and when I was driving it was driving fine. Can anybody help?! Typical its today it chooses to misbehave as I start a new job tomorrow and its forecast to rain! Actually its raining out there now :( Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. I had something similar with my Diesel Focus. I went to the garage and found it was a dodgy fuel pump and sensor.
  10. Xenon Kits

    I know halfords can sometimes be a bit of a cuss word but last week I found I had one head light out on one side and one side light out on the other so decided to replace all four, I actually found that halfords LED 5w5 wedge bulbs were really good once fitted as I was sceptical. As side light bulbs they are great extremely bright and give the front end nice look. As for dipped beams I used a halfords XID Xennon look bulb that is extremely bright and has that night bright white look and feel to them. Needless to say I was sceptical but very impressed now! Lets see how long they last but honestly its a much cheaper alternative if you don't want too shell out for a flu HID conversion etc. I also have Halfords ultra bright main beams and they also give a nice white light to them. I must say I do not work for Halfords or any counterpart there of.
  11. The Only thing I can think of is the recent LED change. Nothing else is plugged in. I think I may have an earthing problem how ever as when ever I plug anything in to my Cigarette lighter it sends the radio signal way off often making it impossible to listen to the radio if I want to charge my phone or use a sat nag! Thank god for the aux port I fitted a while back!!
  12. Thanks for the Replies, How ever Stoney I left the car all night and came back to it the next morning and found it still on :s. I'll check it tonight if its still on as I've left it parked up at work for 2 days while i've been away. If it is do you think it might be something in the ECU etc that might need changing to make it turn off? Thanks again
  13. So I have recently noticed that the backlight for my Odometer (trip computer etc) screen does not turn off when I have the keys out of the ignition and lock the car. I wondered if anyone else has come across this? I'm a a little worried it could make the car a magnet in dark car parks etc. I have recently changed the light in my vanity light to an LED bank which I've noticed also doesn't turn off straight away but does eventually. Also it is on but dim when driving at night (much like an unintentional mood light) Could it be to do with this light? Is there a way to get it to work properly? thanks
  14. Custom air nobs are amazingly easy to fit and make a massive difference to the car for very little money. (about £20 I think they were) look through the forum and there is a guide somewhere for how to replace them. Pick them up from ebay. The chinese company i bought them from also sent me a weird lump of tea :s Also LED lights in the vanity lights make a nice difference.
  15. Favourite Car Modifications

    loving upgrading all the interior lights to LED/SMD's and also the custom a/c / heater control nobs etc. also planning on a new headunit fairly soon and putting in an aux socket was the best thing I ever did! no more listening to people droning on about nothing important on the radio!