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  1. Ooops...I initially wanted top make sure I can open the fob and I took the battery out and left this out till I got a new one :/ What do I have to do now or will I need to take my key to ford?
  2. Thats a lot mate, that helped me :D
  3. Hi guys, I currently have Ford Focus 2008 model (2.5) Signal no longer works to remote lock, etc so assume battery...I checked youtube videos but they all seem to be for a different type of key. Image of key above, can anyone assist please?
  4. Yep 1.6 petrol, ok thats fine thanks for confirming guys! :)
  5. Hi all, Just wondering what the idle rev count should be on a Ford Focus MK2.5?I have added pic to post. Is this idle rev count normal? Thanks
  6. Mikoyan

    Unable To Add Fuel Additive

    Hi Stoney, Cheers mate, I think I found it: http://www.askthemechanic.co.uk/general-problems/ford-easy-fuel.html Just ordered one from Allcarpartsfast as its not in boot :( Thanks again
  7. Hi all, I have a Ford Focus mk2.5 (58 plate) it has the capless fueling system and recently got some BG44K, when trying to add this realised I have no adaptor to do this? Any ideas what part I will require? Suprised Ford didnt include this by default. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has done or had done an lpg conversion on their ford focus? I have a FF 1.6 and trying to weight up the pros and cons of it, and also wondering how the fit is in the Ford Focus?
  9. Mikoyan

    Quick Esp Question?

    Hi all, Within the Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec (mk2.5) I noticed that you can select ESP manually by going through the menu. Previously when driving my dads lexus 4x4 I went over a round about a bit too quick, and ESP kicked in and saved me from a little accident ;) But a little confused about the Focus, if you have to manually select this on, whats the point? Shouldnt this kick in automatically? Can anyone please advise why I can enable\disable this via menu and in what instances will I need to do so?
  10. Hi all, I have recently got a Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 mk 2.5 and would have thought if passengers are inside and all doors closed, the locks would automatically kick in (bit like child locks) I tried a test by getting in car closing doors and any other person could open a door without any issues. So what I am doing is getting in car and pressing lock key then starting engine? Is this correct or a better way? Thanks!
  11. Mikoyan

    Differences Between Ford Focus 2008 Vs 2009?

    Thanks everyone and especially Stoney! Cheers I have mk 2.5
  12. Mikoyan

    Differences Between Ford Focus 2008 Vs 2009?

    Prob a bit dark to take a pic of car, but its similar to: http://www.dagenhammotors.co.uk/used-ford-cars-locator/control.cfm?MREQ=app_viewVehicleDetails&StockListID=1869849
  13. Hi all, Firstly hello to you all, its my first post and just joined! B) I am also now a proud owner of a Ford Focus 2008 Zetec 1.6 (mk2?) from a Ford Fiesta 2001 model Anyhow, I am just wondering if there are any differences between the Ford Focus 2008/2009? I got the Ford from Dagenham motors, and they said there is nothing really between the two other than 6 months from manufacture? For my peace of mind, is there much difference between these models?
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums Mikoyan :)

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      Hi Steve, thanks for the welcome!