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  1. Mk6 Fiesta, St150 Engine Swap?

    Hmm, seems the insurance most likely will bollock me for chucking the ST lump in there, although added costs from the top of my head will come to around 700-£800 for 2 ST drive shafts, arms and hubs, ECU, clocks & key and a 300mm brake upgrade from PumaSpeed (could probably get the cost down to £500-£600 given time, The £500-£600 mark and another £600 for the engine & gearbox doesnt sound toooooo bad to me, although im sure the insurance will make me cry... :'( Forgot to mention he'd giving me the loom aswell, maybe i will have to focus on looks inside and out for now and rag the engine untill next year?
  2. Hey all, Coming up to getting my license now and am going to be given a Mk6 1.25 Fiesta, However my mates currently got an ST150 lump sitting in his garage fully working with the gearbox. Im wondering how easy it would be to swap from the 1.25 to the ST150's lump? Also, What would be required to do so? I've done a bit of research and haven't been able to come up with much and so was wondering if anyone could enlighten me? :) Sounds as if it should work what with them being in the same 'family' but no idea if mounts are different etc. Thanksssss, Curtis
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums wentalong :)