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  1. I did the Bluefin remap a couple of days ago. I didn't set my expectations too high but the remap blew them out of the window. As FLORYFOCUS says it just keeps pulling through the rev range in each gear. I noticed considerable difference in 3rd and 4th! I haven't monitored the MPG too much but yes it seems to be about 5MPG difference. The Bluefin remap couldn't be easier to do yourself. They send you the device you download your ECU map onto it, upload it to the Bluefin app on the computer and they send you the modified map. Upload it to your car and your done. It cost me £330 in total. You've always got that security of loading the original map back onto the ECU if necessary.
  2. I ordered it yesterday mate. It should arrive today. I'll be doing the Remap on Friday so I will get back to you.
  3. Sorry for the late reply bud! I ended up doing more research into it and have gone with the Bluefin device from superchips. Seemed a little extra but the reviews on customer service etc are great. There is also that option to revert back should I need to... Thanks for the help though mate!
  4. Thanks mate, I'll take a look into them!
  5. Cheers mate, most sites reckon I'll gain around 26BHP. It's just knowing who to go with and how much to pay...
  6. Hello, I am looking at getting my Ford Focus II Zetec S (2.0 136BHP) ECU remapped. Has anyone had it done on the same engine? What positives or negatives did you find? Increased BHP, MPG etc? I am living in the North West, can anyone recommend a reputable company to provide the remap? Looking on the internet there are so many companies with varying price ranges from £150-£300+. Any help or advice is appreciated! LeBretom.
  7. Knocking / Rattling Sound Under Dash

    Its loud enough for me to hear it now and again when driving with music on. It sounds to me like it is something to do with the air vents. I've had the centre console and the glove box out while driving and everything seems to be spot on inside. Nothing is loose or vibrating. I'm considering taking it into ford for them to have a look. They may know of a common problem or be able to advise me.. I'm running out of options and I need to get it sorted. It's driving me nuts.
  8. Good evening, I have recently been experiencing a slight rattling or knocking sound coming from under the dash of my Ford Focus Zetec S 2010. The rattle only starts when the car is travelling at a speed of 40MPH or more. It sounds like it is between the centre and the left hand side of the dash. I have had the centre console and glove box out but I cannot see anything loose that can be causing the rattle. I have driven the car with the centre console and the glove box removed and the rattle is still present. It seems to me the problem persists just under the dash online with the air vents. (It could possibly be the air vent.) Or somewhere that I am not able to get to without more knowledge. Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone have a clue as to what this could be? Many thanks in advance for an help! LeBretom
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums LeBretom :)