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  1. Bluefin on TDCI

    Now i'm proper confused. Do I? Don't I? I like the Bluefin/Superchip chip, had it on my previous Focus but was over 3 years old. Has anyone had it put on from new? and was it picked up on?
  2. Bluefin on TDCI

    Ok cool. How old was your car when you had it done? I wonder if it shows up on there computers even if it’s uninatalled.
  3. Bluefin on TDCI

    Hi, I've recently got another focus after having a cmax for a couple of years. I want to use Bluefin on it but don't know what the deal is with warranty on the car if I install it as its only 6 months old? I know I can uninstall at service time etc. Anyone have any experience with this? Also has anyone used Bluefin on their 1.5 TDCI engine? Many thanks
  4. Engine cuting out on motorway

    Hi I have a 2014 1.6tdci, couple of times of the has cut out for a second (enough to jerk the car). it doesn't bring any malfunction messages etc, but when you do self test mode theres a DTC: C073_88. Does anyone know what it means? Many thanks
  5. 2014 c-max self test mode

    Cheers, never thought about that. Thank you
  6. 2014 c-max self test mode

    Hi, I've had my c-max for just over a year, and decided to look at the self test functions and came across odometer reading which was different to the standard screen reading. Is this normal? Are other c-max the same?
  7. Remap Done..problems Start !!!

    Hi, that sounds good the only thing concerning me is superchips/bluefin dealer has to "unlock" the ecu first. Wasn't sure if that's common on these newer fords?
  8. Remap Done..problems Start !!!

    Hi sorry to take over this topic. I have a 64 plate c max 1.6 tdci. I want to get it "bluefined" as I have got the unit from a previous ford tdci. Has anyone else used bluefin on their cmax? Stuart
  9. Ford Owners Club App

    Hi it backed up in iTunes but will not let me put the app onto phone
  10. Ford Owners Club App

    Hi, unfortunately I don't have the old phone, the shop backed up and restored my back up to the new phone for me. I thought it was strange that it's not even on the App Store either
  11. Ford Owners Club App

    Hi thanks for the advise, unfortunately there was no link or anything when i selected use mobile version.
  12. Ford Owners Club App

    Hi does anyone know how I can get the owners club app back for my iPhone? Since I changed my phone I can't seem to find it on the App Store or anywhere? Many thanks. Stuart
  13. Wind Deflectors On A Mk2.5

    Hi after a bit of advice, I have a set of heko wind deflectors front and rear. The rear set keep coming loose as they only have one metal clip and double sided tape at the other end. Does anyone have the same set as these And had to use better tape? Or any other help? Many thanks Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. "engine Judder" Around 1800 Rpm

    Hi, not really any update due to removing the plate to try and find a exhaust gas leak. Which turned out to be leaking around the turbo- to-cat join. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. Egr Valve To Cooler Gasket

    Hi, does anyone know if the metal gasket between EGR valve and EGR cooler has to be fitted a certain way round? It's on a 2.0 tdci. The gasket has a ridge outwards on one side and inwards on the other, but both EGR and EGR cooler are flat. Any ideas? Many thanks Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC