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  1. South East Member Location And Possible Meets 2013

    also if anyone is intrested, start or end of month? 1. dan_st170 2. astings
  2. How To Remove Swirl Marks

    I would second the ultimate compound from meguiars and the gold glass over the top and keep on top of it the wont go away but they will appear less obvious. When i picked up my st170 it was horrid. It had a nasty haze on the corner of the bonnet and rear quater like someone used it as a arm chair and allways when wearing jeans. Its looking near on spotless and no swirl marks......for a 10 year old car. I did spend 7 hours polishing lol 1. washed with hot soapy water the again in car shampoo not wash and wax. 2. autoglym 1200grit compound on the major hazing and scratches, used it wet not straight out of the bottle 3. then used a clay bar 4. autoglym paint renovator 5. gold glass
  3. Car Mods - What Floats Your Boat?

    for me it would have to be; 1. wheels ( make or break a car imo) 2. exhaust 3. induction kit 4. remap 5. suspension - nothing more than 30mm drop
  4. Hi there im new to the site and have struggled to find ford meets in the south east. I was wondering if we could a list going of members who would be up for a monthly meet??? Depending on peoples loctaions depends on locations for meets so if anyones intrested or has any ideas pop your name down 1. dan_st170 - chatham
  5. Water In Spare Wheel Well.

    it could well be the rear lights letting water in. Tiger seal is great.....for body kits and like you say for bits you dont want to get off ever again. I used on escort gti normal gasket sealent you can buy from halfords or a local diy store and abit of nail varnish remover or meths (white spirit is oil based and no good) to make the surfaces clean. Also if that dont sort it check in and around the boot for and gromets that have come out and dissappered and the boot seal or rear window seal?
  6. Hid Conversion

    as long as the headlamp unit is stamped and marked for ece98 regualtions and not for the use a halogen light unit a ece 48 regulation then the hids will be fine.
  7. Hid Conversion

    Hi there merry xmas. I was looking for hid conversions but decided to go for osram brighter bulbs instead. The of a second set of headlamps would be advisable due to new legistation.......someone was obviously bored and thought about hitting the motorist again. Take a look at this http://www.phoenixautobulbs.co.uk/tp/hid-kits-new-legislation-2012/ If you manage to get them fitted soon get a pic up be good to see it when its done
  8. Coolant Leak

    i have had this with my st170. First time round the thermostat housing actually cracked so it was easy to find. SO i fitted a new one and it still kept loosing coolant. Yet again thermostat housing was the culprit. A second unit unit later and its now fine. If youve got a thermostat housing with the blanking plug it can sometimes be the seal on the plug letting by a little water and burning off while driving hence you wouldnt normally see it. These can be a few quid on ebay or fords. Look more at the gearbox and just under the housing as that would be where the water would seep from. The other alternative as most of the others have been mentioned is the expansion bottle itself. Ive heard a few cracking slightly enough to cause a lack in pressure enough for the water to boil off and escape that way. Euro car parts have a good aftermarket tank avalible.
  9. Newbie

    Hi everyone, im dan im in the maidstone area and have a grey st170. I moved from a mr2 to the focus at the start of the year and found the jap scence abit..........clicky and rather boring. Would intrested to see if and south east or local meets go on in the area and meeting a few people. dan
  10. Hi there, im new to the forum and seem to find the same with my st170. I have a mate how only buys fords and knows them inside, he had a press realese st170 and that done the same for his 5 years of ownership. To be honest all we seem to find is its to do with the vvt setup and changing all the parts possible never cure it or if it seems to it will be for a short time. If thats any help theres my 2pence on your situation.......But i will admit its !Removed! annoying!
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums dan_st170 :)