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  1. Fiesta Gem Replacement

    Yeah that's what I thought. Thanks for your advice though I really appreciate it. From what I've read Ford charge about £80 to programme a new key although it quite literally involves pressing a few buttons. If you read anything that would be great if you let me know. Many thanks.
  2. Fiesta Gem Replacement

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have the gem ending in DA so that's fine. I only have one key though. Where does that leave me? Can I buy a blank key and fob from eBay and use that as a second key? Also how easy is it to programme the key? Cheets
  3. Fiesta Gem Replacement

    Hi all, I'm replacing my gem module on my 04 fiesta, I'm upgrading to add remote central locking. Anyone got any hints or tips for replacement? Anything to be wary off? Also how easy is it to re programme the new key? Cheers.
  4. Fault Code Help

    Thanks for fast reply. The engine light came on and there was no difference in how the car was running. Some times it takes a few attempts to start the car when it's cold. But other than that all fine. The garage said just reset the the light and it'll be fine - but I think this was purely because they didn't know what was wrong. Still charged me for a diagnoses though
  5. Fault Code Help

    Was wondering if anyone could explain this fault code for me; The code is; Po608 control module vss output A+ I think this is something to do with the PCM having a malfunction but anymore information would be great. Thanks
  6. Fitting Mk6 Face Lift Headlights To Preface Lift Mk6

    Does anyone have any pictures of the facelift headlamps on the pre-facelift fiestas?
  7. 04 Fiesta Remote Central Locking?

    I have a similar problem? Can anybody shed some light on this pleaseee?
  8. Hi all, Im new to the Ford Forum so i apologise if this sort of topic has already been discussed; I have a Ford Fiesta Finesse 2004 TDCI, im looking to purchase some new wheels, however I have no idea what the wheel sizes are or for that matter what information I need to know to change the wheels. So any help would be much appreciated, Thanks a lot, Matt.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums MatthewAkehurst :)