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  1. Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

    Tried as you said held buttons down and pressed unlock button once and the drivers door didn't unlock pressed it twice the back doors unlock but drivers is still locked.
  2. Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

    Nothing has changed including the way it locks, when I press he fob I can't hear any motor or vibration from the drivers door but it does lock the whole car when the key is inserted?
  3. Mk1 Passenger Airbag

    I think when you put it like that I would rather her put the little one in the back, think she just a bit worried as she won't be able to see him when she's on her own.
  4. Mk1 Passenger Airbag

    Hi guys we have just had a baby and the focus is her in doors car and she will be going out on her own soon and just wondered if you can disable the passenger airbag so she can put a newborn car seat in the front. In my Volvo s60 t5 there is a switch in the dash by the door hinge but can't find one in the focus? Cheers Lee
  5. Mk1 Focus Central Locking Issue?

    Tried this and all doors flash when opened and shut! yes every now and then it does this, my problem is I press the unlock button and all doors unlock except the drivers. I have to put the key in to unlock. When I try to lock with the fob you can hear all the doors except the driver try to lock the instantly unlock, then I put the key in and turn and all doors lock?
  6. Speedo Trouble

    To clear things up I did say I got my phone out, I didn't say I filmed it the other half did. Thanks for the info and clearing it up are they hard to fit? Also where is it fitted/located.
  7. Speedo Trouble

    I was out and the speedo went off and then just as I was coming to a stop the battery light came on and the died, I managed to get my phone out and record it. I was doing around 40mph but it doesn't sound like it on the film, please have a look.
  8. Speedo Trouble

    Could this also course the car to die, as ours cut out twice yesterday when my misses was out she said it just died and the speedo was at 0, once when she was driving and when she was at a junction. Lee
  9. Central Locking Issue

    Just been and put my ear by every door and pressed the lock button, every door except the drivers door you could hear the motor trying to lock. Also you can unlock all doors except the drivers when you press the button.
  10. Central Locking Issue

    Hi guys, I have just recently brought the better half a V 1999 focus LX 5 door, the past few days the central locking has been playing up. When you press the lock button on the fob it sounds like the car locks but instantly unlocks, it works when you use the key in the lock then all doors lock/unlock, not sure where to start as this is the first Ford we have had? Hope you guys can help me on this. Lee
  11. Hi guys, New to the forum and thought I would say hi as I need a bit of help, but will ask that in the relevant part of the forum. Just brought the better half a V 1999 focus 1.8 16v vetec lx petrol it's a step up from the little green punto she has been learning in. Got it at a good price and has come with lots of receipts of work carried out and looks very tidy for its age, but on the good side I got it from my uncle so we know its history. Only thing is the central locking but as I said will ask at another time, happy Xmas all and look forward to getting on here. Lee
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Magpie80 :)