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  1. Keyless Entry - Rear Sensor Fault?

    It was a faulty rear switch. And it's covered under the warranty :-)
  2. Keyless Entry - Rear Sensor Fault?

    Thanks k13r4n. It's good to know I wasn't imagining things! The double locking problem would have started in June or July last year, so I suspect the battery is okay. Can't hurt to check though. Touch wood it's just a faulty rear sensor/switch and easy to replace.
  3. Hi, I wonder if the rear keyless entry sensor on my 2010 Focus is dying? In the past couple of days I've noticed the lights flashing when I approach from the rear of the car. Experimenting tonight I find that if I bring either keyfob within a foot of the rear switch then the car continually re-locks. (Single or double depending on what I set originally.) Up until 10 minutes ago the driver and passenger buttons had been behaving normally - I've been out checking it's staying locked! On the last attempt it seems that the doors open okay, but won't lock unless I use the remote. It does sound like something has died! Any idea what the fault might be, and what sort of price I'm looking at when I go to the garage? One final question. Should you be able to double lock from the rear button? Mine only ever single locks, but I vaguely remember it double locking just after I got the car last spring. Thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums dstewart :)