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  1. Hi all Its resolved. Turns out it was a bad earth near the air filter, once this was replaced the car is going strong. I wanted a week to test before coming back to you all. Thanks for all your help guys
  2. An update, I am still waiting for Ford to looked at my car. I am upset and irritated. I love my ST but I am so worried that this never gets fixed. She keeps dying while on main roads in rush hour or when I really need to get into work to sort something out.
  3. Hi all. So car was at the dealers for 1 week (6/8/16-13/8/16. No fault found. I drove it back and forth to work for a week (20 miles) and it was fine. However, last night it cut out and died. I could sometimes get the car to stage one ignition but then the car would say: Service Now BLIS malfunction City Stop Malfunction Hill Start Malfunction Immobiliser Malfunction Cross traffic Malfunction Lifting the bonnet I found the fuse box hissing and fizzing. Car would only sometimes lock. AA spent 3hrs with the car and found that if you held the main power cable running from primary fuse box the aux fuse box under the battery the car started. The moment you let go the car spluttered and died. ECU wouldn't connect to the error reader at 1st. Car back at dealer in Redditch as a none starter after AA towed it there. Check engine light on and three codes P068A P2610 U0284 Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Hey, you got a TSB ref? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. It's random. So while your booting it or while you are driving at 30 in a cruse. Either warm or cold it can still happen. I never boot it while the engine is cold I must add. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. Hi guys Ford have replaced plugs but can't find anything. I pulled 3 codes tonight. The battery! that's a good idea. Will it bugger the DAB or anything? It's going to Jam sport in the morning as they can hopefully tell me more than ford. If no luck I may put it back to stock and leave it with ford until it's fixed. I'll keep you all up to date Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Been to the dealer but there wasn't any codes to pull.
  8. Hi All, Can you help? The fault: It first happened while driving hard in second and changing to 3rd at 6000RPM, then while leaving the traffic lights in 1st slowly, then this morning in 1st slowly driving onto a roundabout and final 5 mins later while accelerating in 2nd up the road. The car dies and drops all power (starts rolling to a halt), the battery light and oil can light come on and the car has to be completely stopped and the power button pushed to turn the car off. Once turned back on the car is fine, no lights. The Car: ST 3 Jam Sport fitted: AS induction kit, Airtech intercooler, mongoose exhaust cat, billet short shift. Due to be Mapped 13/8/16
  9. Hi all, I noticed when ford refreshed the Focus that the rear "model designation" badge was removed. My father has a 2015 Focus Titanium X but no badge stating this, same for Zetec. This is there a reason ford are leaving these off?
  10. Hi there, I can answer question 2, Spotify is NOT compatible with Sync 2. It only works with Sync 1. I just found this out on the net.
  11. It's great, don't get me wrong I still "mirror signal manoeuvre" but its a nice little feature. It's the drive assistance pack that is cool, I love the auto high beam! Lane keeping is a pain and I have stopped it from beeping and vibrating when I cross the line without indicating.
  12. Hi All, Anyone know how to install sync compatible app onto your Sync2? I have iPhone 6 and I am trying to install Cyclops with App-Link. I have it installed on my phone.
  13. Hi all I am sad to say I have had to cancel my RS :(. The finance figures were just to high and I am trying to buy a house...BUT....... Just picked up my 16 plate ST3, I went a little mad and had every option on the car and Tangerine Scream :) ST3 (petrol) Tangerine Scream Style Pack Premium Nav with sub and Sony Driver assistance pack BLIS Heated wheel Door edge guards I have also added Airtec intercooler, boost pipes, new air filter with cross over and a mongoose exhaust with new cell. I hope you can all forgive me for canceling the RS but approve of my ST. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. So Ford have said the people ordering before October are all good and get the car at £28940 Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. Hi ZS owners. How do you feel about S badges on the ZS? I think they look awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC