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  1. Water Damage To Bsi Ecu

    Hi all, I posted this in an update to my previous thread regarding my wipers which stopped working, but I thought I have more luck starting a new thread for this particular query. I have sourced the problem of the wipers not working - its the BSI ECU which has became water damaged. I have found a salvaged ECU which is nearly the same Part Number. The question is, will it be suitable? My part number is 7M5T - 14A073 - CE, the part I am being offered is 7M5T - 14A073 - CC. Will this be OK, can it be re-programmed. My auto electrician has the software to fault find and reprogramme, or do I need to take this to a Ford garage for fitting and programming? Any help is very much appreciated. I havent had my car for 3 weeks making travel to work a bit tricky and demanding! Also, is the cause of this damage likely to be the pollen filter or the filter housing itself? Thanks in advance
  2. Ford Focus 2009 Front Wipers Not Working

    Hi Lenny, I have got to the root of the problem. I have water ingress in the BSI ECU which has damaged the pcb contained within. I have been trying to source a ECU from a breakers, found one in your homeland, Ireland, funnily enough. However the part numbers are not an exact match. My part number is 7M5T - 14A073 - CE, the one I have found is nearly the same expect the last digit is C i.e. 7M5T - 14A073 - CC. The guy selling it says this can be re-programmed, is this the case? Thanks
  3. Hi New to the forum and looking for some advice on a fault. My front wipers do not work on any function (single, intermittent, slow or fast). I can hear the relays clicking when I move the steering stalk control. The rear wipe works, as does the front and rear washer pump. When I lowered the fuse box at the passenger foot well a small droplet of water was resting on the fuse box tray - put this down to condensation from the air con. Might be related, might not. I work for a company which owns a peugeot garage and they have checked the motor and confirm there is no power or earth at the motor plug. I was thinking motor fault. Our mechanics downloaded a wiring diagram for a 2008 focus from their servicing database, however, they say it doesnt match what they are looking at. One of them hinted that you cant change the relay (if this is the cause) because it is integral to the fuse box ("intelligent brain"). Can someone shed some light on what the problem might be? Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Bazzab :)

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      Thanks for the welcome Steve. I have already posted..........I dont hang about! LOL

      I have a fault with my focus and im looking for some advice